Theoretical Exams or Practical Applicability of Law: What Really Matters After Five Year

Sakshi Sachan, 3rd Year, KLE College, Banglore


The proponents of training students in the theory of the law are not actually advocating the teaching of theory, but are urging that legal education focus on training students in a method of analysis often labeled “thinking like a lawyer While knowing how to think like a lawyer is a valuable skill and essential to the work lawyers do, it is only one skill among many that lawyers utilize in resolving legal problems. There is nothing inherently theoretical about learning to think like a lawyer that would set it off or make it more valuable than the other types of skills lawyers use in resolving their clients’ legal problems. Nor is there any reason that the other skills lawyers use in practice should be thought of as less theoretical than knowledge of thinking like a lawyer ; as quoted by Peter Hoffman.

The theoretical teaching in the law school is meant to make the students read and understand the text simultaneously which is a very important trait for a law student or a law graduate. The skill of understanding while reading is an essential component for a good lawyer. Also, theoretical teaching for a law student is seen essential as the lawyers is expected to read the case file and understand the breadth and width of the case and for this theoretical knowledge is essential.

Theoretical exams or education also improves the thinking and analyzing capabilities of lawyers which in turn is an important part of becoming good lawyers. This aspect of legal education decorates the quote, think like a lawyer.

Practical application is also a necessity for lawyers as it is the practical knowledge that makes the lawyers who they are. Being a lawyer does not only mean having knowledge of law or simply having read the law. Rather it means, having complete knowledge of law, its applicability, and how it shall be interpreted in a given situation.

Hence, theoretical knowledge and its practical applicability go hand in hand. Without each other, legal education remains incomplete. And it is considered as the duty of the institution to provide both to a law student as neither comes naturally but only with practice.


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