Online Internship Experience At LawOF By Nishita Kapoor, 4th year B.Com.LLB(Hons.) at UILS,Panjab University

Indeed, it was a great learning experience for me and truly helped me to maintain my belief that online internships also contribute a lot in learning something new for the law students. The best part about my internship with LawOF was that they were more concerned about what are the interests of an intern. Holding an experience of various other internships as well, I believe it is the best thing about LawOF that they focus more upon two way communication and to work with interns as a team rather than maintaining a formal relationship and focusing upon just commanding interns to do the assigned tasks. I was never ever confused or worried during the internship term about any of the tasks, this was because as and when any doubt arose that was cleared and I always received proper guidance from Mr. Suyogya Awasthy (CFO at LawOF).

My internship at LawOF helped me to increase my sitting hours for doing work and to a great extent helped me to focus more upon improving my writing style. Out of tasks for the four weeks, I would rate the tasks allotted in the 2nd week a 100 out of 100 that is something, I actually wished to work upon. In the 2nd week I wrote two articles, namely “Problems facing Public Interest Litigation” and “Proposed Amendment to Right to Information Act will finish the Act”. While researching and writing these articles, I was able to gain so much knowledge about the same and honestly, I was able to better understand them as I did when I studied for my exams. All other weeks tasks were mainly focused upon just to check one’s writing skills and were just average. The internship term did not ever turn out to be very hectic for me as the tasks allotted were not that complex and I could easily manage my studies along with the internship. At the end, I just wish to thank each and every member of LawOF for giving me this wonderful opportunity and giving me a great chance to enhance my knowledge.

My suggestions for the upcoming batch, based upon my experience and understanding are:

  1. Every week’s tasks should include some topic on recent legal happening, which should be different for each intern. This would definitely help them to learn something new.
  2. The articles written by interns should be published and the links of the same should be shared in the group, so that others may also read it and gain knowledge about the same.
  3. If the articles written deserve certain corrections and amendments, the needful should be done and the same should be communicated to the intern so that they learn their mistake and do not repeat it ever (A learning experience for them beyond the term of internship as well).
  4. More focus upon reducing the number of tasks and to give option to interns to intern for a longer period.

I believe the above stated suggestions are feasible and give LawOF an opportunity to contribute more to make intern learn something great and to give them a wonderful experience of interning.

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