5th year BBA LLB student from Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Moradabad


It was around 4:00 PM I was in the train coming back from Rajeev Gandhi National Law University, Punjab after my presentation and I got a mail from Oxford University, England that I am selected for the conference at Oxford University and that was my best moment during all my past 4 years in law school journey. That moment pushes me to recall all me journey from where I begin in my law school.

I was an average student from Hindi medium background that’s why I always afraid to participate in every public speaking programs in my college but I always try to study hard because law was my favorite one. And my hard work pays me by placing me under top 5 in my first semester result.

I would like to thanks to my mentors and teachers who always believe on me and appreciate my hard work and because of that I got placed 2nd in my 2nd year of law. and that time I decided to participate in client counseling program organized by my college that was quite tough for me but my team was selected for quarter finals which was not a big achievement but for me it was quite enough than not participating in last 2 years of my law college.

We all know that law is all about interpretations and as often as we read the law the concepts get clear more. In my 4th year I decided to teach my juniors’ the basics of law because that will not only help them but me too. And it was all thanks to my HOD for giving me chance for the same. My 4th year was quite good as I started to teach my juniors and that’s clear my lots of concepts. It was also the time when my 1st abstract was selected after getting rejected three times.

My fifth year of law started from NLU, KOLKATA from where I had completed my summer school program. My fifth year started with lots of presentations at different- different universities and attending lectures at different places too.

Well I am almost near to end my journey of law school. I must say it was full of learning’s either by presentations of research papers, attending lectures, preparing moot court memorials, or by teaching my juniors. During my entire journey from a stranger of law to an almost graduated in law person I think we have lots of laws and they are good enough too but one thing which we are still needed is its application in such a manners that it accomplish its main purpose of enactment.

I have keen interest in learning the law and would like to complete my PHD. Well this was all about my law school life till now which has been a great journey with lots of learning as well as ups and downs.

At last I hope for a successful life for everyone and mine too.



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