Debajyoti Saha, Law Student, Online Intern@ LawOF

Currently, in college, we have so many subjects (around 60) to be studied. According to me, the interests that we are having during our school days change a lot after coming to the college. But what we learned in school is unforgettable. We had to pass six subjects in every class to be upgraded to the next higher class. In college, we have to pass twelve subjects every year. We do not tend to pursue the interests that we had in the school days.

I always have an interest in the literature subjects. I had three literature subjects till eighth standard. During ninth and tenth, I took Hindi as a mandatory subject. During that time, I grew my interest in the subject. The Hindi teacher was the person who helped me in the same. When it came to the poem by Kabir, Haribansh Rai Bachchan etc. he used to make me understand each and every line of the poem. I used to write the explanation in a separate notebook and keep it for my future. Even today, I have those with me. Because of the interest in Hindi literature, I started liking the Hindu mythological books. I like to listen to the different epics like Mahabharat, Ramyana etc. on line.

In the same manner, my English tutor helped me a lot in growing my interests in the English literature. She was quite strict but her guidance could not be forgotten. We were a batch of 13 people who were taking tuition from her. I remember one event. On the first day, she taught us a poem “The Palanquin Bearer”. It went above my head. I came home and told my parents. They told me to ask the same to the tutor. Next day, I was frightened to do the same. But I managed to ask her the same. Firstly, she was angry as I did not tell her at the time when the poem was being taught. But after that, she made me understand the poem in the simplest manner possible. After that, I started having interest in the subject.  I will never forget her guidance for the above.

In this manner, I grew interests in two literature subjects. I like Bengali literature as well. My mother is an avid reader of the Bengali novels. She keeps on telling me about the new books or movies. Though I do not know to read and write Bengali language but I like to watch Bengali movies based on day-to-day life. All credit goes to my mother.

Therefore I grew my interests in different literature subjects. But I do not like to read books and novels. I only like to listen or watch documentaries or movies. I like to discuss with my parents about various literatures. If time permits, I would like to pursue my career in Hindi literature. Hence, I like to write articles on contemporary topics.

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