Akshita Mittal, Law Student, NLU Nagpur, Online Intern @LawOF


Flustered and full of questions in mind, I entered Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur, one of the most important milestones in my life. Criticised by many and encouraged by few, was how I took the first step towards this University. The reason behind such apprehension was that this was a new University and all risks associated with it seemed to be a big gamble to take.

Having no inclination towards law from the beginning, it was a challenge to survive among the predestined students fighting for a top law school as contrary to my decision of entering the legal profession, which was the outcome of an informal discussion at my place on a festival night.

The first and the foremost challenge that I had to face after entering the law school was that there was no legal background in my family, not even in my distant family I have a lawyer or any person associated with legal profession; so coming from the medical background, both my parents being doctors I had to start afresh and create a space on my own in this magnificent legal field.

However, after the orientation, I was ready to take up all the challenges with a high head and enjoy the law school life as it comes my way.  Being the first batch has many pros and cons; I would rather say pros outweighed cons in many ways from getting personal attention from teachers in class to creating a bond with them outside class.

Being a member of the founder batch gave an opportunity to have a life in a Law Varsity distinct from others where you just have to follow the footsteps of seniors. But as opposed to that, we had all the liberty to ourselves to create a University of our own where our suggestions were taken into consideration and was given paramount importance. This highlighted the student friendly nature of the University. We were the pioneers to start all the events in the University ranging from the Academic activities to Moot competitions to all the Cultural events.

I had immense number of opportunities to showcase my talent. Like in the very first year I participated in a Moot Court competition which is a rare opportunity to many. It was a great experience primarily because of the amazing team I had and also the current subject to research upon. Apart from this, I also loved the ethnic day celebrations in my college where we had a fun time with all the stakeholders of the University.

Now, after entering into the second year, many things have changed but I would like to conclude by saying that I am happy by my decision with no regrets at all as this University indeed paved a path for success in my life.

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