TEXT BOOKS SHOULD BE REPLACED BY I-PADS AND ONLINE RESOURCES By Shubhangi Sharma, Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida (Onine Intern LawOF)

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TEXT BOOKS SHOULD BE REPLACED BY I-PADS AND ONLINE RESOURCES By Shubhangi Sharma, Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida (Onine Intern LawOF)


I-pads are becoming a big hit in the industry nowadays. An I-pads is a device that is like a hand held computer. I-pads have a touch screen function or a pen-enabled interface. I-pads application also entertains the users like playing games, photography, video taking, music and many more. Because the I-pads has many functions, it would be a great help in school and at work. This device will act as a substitute to the required needs of a student in school. I-pads application that are related to the school subject that is being teach, ebooks or electronic books can replace the heavy books and make distribution of assignments and handouts more faster.

One bad thing about school is lugging around heavy textbooks everywhere. They put way too much strain on the back. Also, teachers are trying to teach kids to be green, even though the textbooks right in front of them are destroying trees. Textbooks can also get outdated. A science textbook published 10 years (yes, they are that old) ago won’t have the newest theories in them, so you’re teaching kids something that may have been proved wrong. Tablets update by the minute, and if someone puts an article online, you can access it that moment. Textbooks are yesterdays news. Its time to focus on today.

Text book is traditional resources that student use for their study in classroom or other places like schools, universities or private college. Text books have many categories such as academic text books, articles, journals and other like that. Students usually used the text books for their studies to get more information and references in the text books especially in school. But nowadays text books have been replaced by i-pads and online resources especially for universities students in and around the world. No doubt students will become more successful by using i-pads or online resources than text books because they offer few benefits which are fast load up time in classrooms during the learning using the i-pads and online resources. I-pads and online resources allow students to communicate in two way communication. Text books should be replaced by i-pads because they are fast load up in classroom by using i-pads and online resources. Students will be able to install as fast as they want in multi touch screen such as installing academic materials, slide presentation by lecturer, notes and also vedios about academic in study. So, they can see the future or looking for learning at any place whether in school or at home. While some sites must be filtered due to age inappropriate content, there must be a concern from teacher or lecturer about the competition via the websites.

On the other hand, students suggested to use the i-pads and online resources because they save money. Paperless in classroom, teaching note, hand-held media centre, easy, equal opportunity and so on. Despite the growing proof that the i-pad has a useful place in the classroom, the future of tablets rest on finding the money to pay for them.

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