My Law School Journey


NLU Ranchi


Harsh Mishra.

 “When you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” The famous quotation said by Paul Coelho and rehearsed by Shahrukh Khan, explains the importance of law school to me.

Coming from a science background, it was difficult for me to convince my parents. They have always imagined me taking up mechanical engineering. However, I had plans of my own. I had a keen interest in debating and a craving to hold an authority, therefore I took up law. No path is free from obstacles and hurdles, they either make you or break you.

In my case, I convinced my parents for the CLAT coaching. Just like any other law aspirant, I tried my best to get through a National Law University (NLU). Hard work pays off well and it certainly did.

I got through an NLU, and just to add ice on the cake, it was NUSRL, (National University of Study and Research in Law) for what it’s worth in my city, and I can visit my family on my impulses and likes.

The first day of my college is still fresh in my mind. We all dressed up in formal and gathered in the auditorium, for the words of wisdom by our Vice- Chancellor Sir.  The students sat in formals with a black tie and a black blazer, that depicted elegance and power. Sitting there I envisioned myself wearing the same dress and arguing; reminiscing the moment can exclusively give me Goosebumps.

As an aspirant of law and having an inclination towards oration, particularly moots were always my priorities. Our University organized a freshers moot so that we could learn the intricacies and etiquette of mooting.  Moreover, our seniors and faculties helped us whenever we were doubtful. It was solely for the efforts they put in us, we represented our college in the National Moot, Sikkim. Other than the mooting culture, the drafting of NUSRL remains unparalleled. We came across to the field of drafting and researching which is a pre-requisite  for any lawyer.

It may seem that NUSRL is a place merely reserved for study; however, the university boasts the pride of organizing one of the biggest inter-college festival “Ulgulan”. This event holds the honour to host more than 130 colleges for cultural, literary and sports events. Students of several NLU’s come to participate in it.  Luckily, I could be a part of it. Nevertheless, the beauty of the college is that; despite numerous events, it does not bargain with academics and it is particularly very strict about it. Being a student of the 1st year I came across various subjects namely; Contracts, Constitutional law, Torts, Political Science, English, Philosophy and Economics.

Lastly, I would like to sum up by saying that Faculties and seniors are the sine qua non to a fresher student. Fortunately, the university has ample of seniors and faculties who are ready to walk an extra mile for you and I am blessed to have them. They encouraged me, motivated me, to travel those roads which I would have not taken otherwise.  Finally, I can say that journey in my college has been an epitome of satisfaction to me.




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