Campus Senator Selection @LawOF 2018-19

Deadline: October 05, 2018.


LawOF is an online data pooling website specifically created for providing quality content to the legal community.

Dr. Dharmendra Patial is the Founder and CEO of LawOF. Working under him teaches us new things on every point, he is a very humble being and is ready to help every student in every possible way with assured benefits in their coming future.

Mr. Suyogya Awasthy is the Chief Facilitating Officer (CFO) of LawOF, he is responsible for the proper working, monitoring and tabs on tasks done by the campus senators.

Campus Senators are the selected students from various colleges who are entitled to do various tasks assigned to them. Being a campus senator at LawOf provides a bucket load of opportunity to a law student. Choosing the field of law essentially means working in public interest.

Note: The monetary benefits will be given solely on the basis of work performed.

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05-October, 2018.

Who can be a Campus Senator:

Law Students from various universities and institutes are welcomed to be a part of Lawof. (Either U.G./P.G.), including NRI students as well.


10-15 Students.

(If you think you can be one of them, we are waiting to welcome you to Lawof.)

Registration and Selection:

All the interested students can fill the form, for Registration Click, HERE

After the submission of the registration form, there will be a second round for short- listing the candidates in which the candidates have to go through a telephonic interview by Chief Student Convener.

The selected students will be the next senators of lawOf.

NOTE: No Registration fees required.

NOTE: Don’t just sit back and let someone else grab this opportunity.

NOTE: Selected students will be given campus senator certificate after the completion of one year.

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