Why is there a need to have knowledge of laws?




The common meaning (though not the only one) of law is a set of rules and regulations accepted by the society and followed in the society over time immemorial. To put it in simple words, it is the ever present rules of the society. It is interconnected to the proper functioning of the society, and without it a society cannot continue.

Knowledge of laws or legal awareness are essential for every active individual in the society. Law is something that cannot be ignored and is a integral part of a society. Therefore the reasons for needing knowledge of laws are,

-> Acts as a guideline – A guideline tells us what to do and what not to do, and the reason for its importance is if the people are allowed to do what they want it would end in a chaos.

-> Creates a sense of responsibility – With laws it is easier to make people become responsible for their actions and thoughts. It creates a certain obligation in the minds of the people thereby ensuring that they act responsibly.

-> Creates a binding duty – With law it is possible to enforce or inculcate an importance towards the duty of every individual which in turn creates an obligation for the people to act in a way that is not detrimental to the nation.

-> Information –  Though it is not important for an individual to know everything about law basic things can help the individual to live without any worries. Fundamental rights and duties as well as laws relating to everyday occurances are important and should be known by every citizen.

-> Acts as a language – Though we may be seperated through language and culture, law is something that is almost common in most countries, especially laws relating to fundamental rights, therefore it can help a person who is stuck in a difficult situation.

-> Reduces crimes in the society – If people know the gravity of the crime they commit, they will think twice before actually committing it. The victims will also be aware of the crime that had affected them and will know the measures and how to overcome the same.

-> Ensures a safe environment – If laws are followed correctly then the nation will become a safe place for the individuals, it can create a sense of security which can only be achieved if legal awareness is present.

The above reasons are just certain basic reasons for having knowledge of law, but legal awareness is something that every individual whether literate or illiterate must be made aware of.

Certain ways to ensure it is through legal aid, legal camps, skits, plays, dramas etc., which helps in coveying the message and ensuring that every individual gets the awareness that he deserves.


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