Law School Journey till Now 

BY Chetan Trivedi, Law Student, Online Intern @LAwOF

As faced by many youth to select particular field either engineering / medical/ so many field. And the most important, pressure from parents, from 12 th exam and the pressure from entrance exam, so many other pressure from society. One most factor each and every person come and give his/her advice to do that or to do that, this is the most influential time for students.

Same with me I was also facing problem, which field I have to decide or to choose when I was in 12th I was thinking to do engineering but, I realize doing engineering will not be useful for me than I decided to do law. When I was in 12th I have seen each student of my class is preparing for engineering and medical I was shocked at least they know what they have to do and at that time I was like what to do, so than I have seen advertisement of my college in newspaper than I thought to do something different than I finally opted law as my carrier and I have started preparing for law entrance exam and got admission in JAGRAN SCHOOL OF LAW.

It was my first day of my college I was shocked or get jerked by seeing the student of my batch they were too good in argument in public speaking in every field they veer like the goanna eat me than I started improving myself by reading books novels and participating in each and every competition of my college. Even I start participating in competitions organized by different colleges. From my academic point of view, it has made me aware of the competition and made me more focused paving a way for a new vision to strive for. Tomorrow, when I shall step into the real world I would be ready to take up any challenge at hand. Working along with my teachers and fellow seniors they have proved to be the best mentors for me and I too wish to portray the same towards my juniors. Law School experience is something one can never get otherwise. It changes and molds one so beautifully that you feel nothing but amazed. Being open to thoughts, ideas and also being a caring individual is the primary factor. Similarly, I have also realized to stand up against wrong and take side of truth. This is the journey I choose and shall make it my very best.

I will say to my college Thank you for their supports and there values and I am thankful to my teachers and faculty for their guidance and their support.

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