Internship Experience @ LawOF By Gunjan Bhagchandani, Faculty of Law, Lucknow University

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Name *

Gunjan Bhagchandani

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Year of Study *

4th Year

College Name *

Faculty of Law, Lucknow University

Internship Organization Name*

Online Internship at LawOf

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LawOF provides comprehensive legal information with all the academic opportunities coming their way in order to boost their career. LawOF provide a wide range of features that include Call for paper, Courses, Internships, Internships Experiences, Career Advice, Interviews, Upcoming Events like Conferences, Seminars, Moot Court, Legal Events, Workshops, Essay/Debate Competitions etc.

Duration of Internship *

15th July-15th August 2016

Date & Year *

15th July-15th August

Timing *

It depends on your availability

Main Task Work Profile *

The task was divided into four parts for each week like: blog writing, Article writing, internship experiences, My thoughts, interviews with law Associates and Law students, Social issues involved, etc. and the promotional works on the social media.

Work Environment at office *

It was work from home internship.

Stipend *

NO, The price of knowledge is more than the currency notes.

First day at organization *

All the students were divided into Four groups Group A, B, C and D and we were coordinated by Shubhi Agarwal and Rohit Mahawar.

Best Part of Internship *

It improved my writing and researching skills and give me an opportunity to enhance my personality.

Biggest Lesson *

Never underestimate yourself, always look straight to the world, never look down.

Anything else you’d like to tell

Everything was perfect, a great learning experience especially Dr. Dharmender Sir  who always motivated and inspired us- An Inspirational Ideal.

Any Message to other Law Students

Online Internships also give you benefit in some way, It totally depends on oneself how much one extract benefits from an opportunity.

From LawOF:

Dear Gunjan Bhagchandani

Best of Luck for Future.



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