Internship Experience @ Human Rights Law Network, Allahabad. “STAY CALM, COMPOSED & HUMBLE” & “KEEP DOING THE GOOD WORK” Aishwarya Srivastava

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Internship Experience @ Human Rights Law Network, Allahabad. 


Aishwarya Srivastava         

Name of the Student:

Aishwarya Srivastava

Year of Study:

I Year; II Semester

College Name:

Faculty of Law, The ICFAI University Dehradun


Organization Name, City:

Human Rights Law Network, Allahabad

Organization Website :

About Organization:

The Human Rights Law Network Uttar Pradesh (UP) Unit is based in Allahabad and was established back in 2000 to provide legal aid to state’s underprivileged, particularly to Dalits and strata belonging to below poverty line. They are the worst victims of a rigidly caste-ridden society. Since then the mission has been to provide free legal aid to all those who cannot afford it and fight for their rights. As the name suggests, HRLN works for all those whose human rights has been infringed in any manner. HRLN Allahabad is first of its kind in the state of Uttar Pradesh to provide free legal aid to poor and to file PILs on their behalf in the High Court.The organization strives to restore the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of India through their perseverance and with the help of Honourable Judiciary of India. Adding to this, the organization is actively working for the rights of Women & Children. The organization aims to provide legal aid to all those women & children whose rights has been violated and works for the redressal of their issues.

Duration of the Internship:

18th June 2016- 18th July 2016


11 am- 4 pm

Main Task Work Profile:

The basic work expected from me is to do    research and draft Reports, PILs & Applications. I work as a Research Intern. The mentors at the organization expect us to be aware of all the burning issues & news of the society through thorough reading of different reputed National & Local Newspaper. Further, if the mentors or I come across any news which states the infringement of any right, we’ve to visit the place and the person. The main purpose of the visit is to bring out the hidden truth through interacting with them. If there’s anything wrong done towards the Law or the individual, we are asked to be ready to fight against the wrong. Then there are two to three basic works that has to been done by us. The team which visits the place or the person has to prepare a full-fledged report with photographs and fact finding. Once the report is completed, the team has to draft a PIL for it and file it in the High Court. Sometimes, such issues which requires immediate action, the team drafts an Application and sends it to the concerned Government Authority asking them to take immediate action. They also make us attend Seminars on different Socio-Legal Issues, Environmental Issues & other Legal Issue.

Work Environment at office:

Fun. Lots & Lots of Work.Simply “AMAZING”. The head Mr K.K. Roy, Advocate High Court of Allahabad & backbone of HRLN Allahabad is an Eminent Lawyer and Social Activist. A man of charismatic personality yet so down to earth teaches us the lesson of staying humble no matter how big you become in your life. What makes him stand different from every other person is his ability to stay calm no matter what and he as a “Person”. “GO STRAIGHT TO HIM; TELL HIM YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING. HE’LL BE THERE TO TEACH YOU EACH & EVERY THING”. Without doubting your skills or judging you as an Intern. Further, the Coordinator of HRLN Allahabad, Ms SmritiKartikeya, Advocate High Court is there to bring out the Lawyer in you. Honestly, one of the best mentors I ever had. She will scold you. Sometimes for fun.Sometimes seriously. But she’ll make you ready for the real world that exists outside your shell. She has this enthusiastic personality always ready for any given work. She is there to help at any given stage. A great coordinator to work with & work for. Adding to this, the Coordinator of Interns Mr Charlie Prakash Advocate High Court makes the work load seem easy. He’s there to guide you& assist you. One of the coolest coordinator ever.  He’s there to provide you formats, books &most important the basic legal knowledge that makes the work very easy.  Also, there are interns from all across the country from different Universities. All of them are really helpful and always maintain the spirit of team work. Each of them is great fun to work with. The visits to different places in scorching heat become all fun just because of them. “ENTHRALLING WORK ENVIRONMENT.


None. But the knowledge you gain equals it all. Plus the unplanned treats acted as a delight.

First day at organization:

The first day was quite the same as what happens in every other workplace. Filled the form and submit fee. Then start the Introduction Part. The Coordinators introduced themselves and made us aware of their expectations. What work we were supposed to do and the manner to do the given task. They briefed us the work that HRLN aims to do and has done in the past years and few of their accomplishments. Then the interns introduce themself. Further, they asked us about what we know about the HRLN as an Organization and our basic knowledge of Law. They asked us about what we understand from the term “Human Rights”. This led to start of a great healthy discussion between the Coordinators and the Interns.

Best Part of Internship:

Work Environment. Location. Co Interns. and most important the Mentors.Huge amount of knowledge to receive.Exposure.& Drafting a PIL in your name! (FREE FOOD SOMETIMES, YAY)

Biggest Lesson:


Anything else you’d like to tell:

It’s not only about learning few legal things and feeling proud of it. What really matters is the thing which you’ve learned, how can it benefit the other people of the society. Working in NGO and working for Human Rights makes you a better person. Not only in knowledge but as a Person! Do work for the rights of others because that’s what Lawyers are meant for. Try to restore the faith of common people in the Honourable Judiciary through your initiatives.

Any Message to other Law Students:

I’m not a learned person to give any motivating or real picture message. I’m still learning just like you. Simply I would like to share the fact I learned. Take your stand. Work for a cause. Always be ready for work & lots of it. Take initiatives and work for it “together”. There’s so many thing in this world that needs assistance to get improve. Bring out the Lawyer in you!

From LawOF:

Dear Aishwarya Srivastava       

Best of Luck for the Future.




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