International Journal of Criminal Jurisprudence and Criminal Justice System(IJCJCJ) (ISSN: 2504-7078). Deadline: 5th Jan., 2017. 

For your kind reference, short details of the program are as follows:


International Journal of Criminal Jurisprudence and Criminal Justice System (ISSN: 2504-7078), a student-run, peer reviewed journal invites articles, research papers, case comments, book reviews and commentaries for its inaugural issue.
The journal seeks to encourage rigorous inter-disciplinary research on diverse aspects of criminal law and aims to investigate criminal law and policy from social sciences and humanities perspectives.
The journal hopes to simultaneously work at two different levels– the conceptual and the empirical– usually seen as mutually exclusive. The review will offer thorough analyses on critical aspects of criminal law and will attempt to keep the readers abreast with contemporary developments in the field.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must be sent in MS word format to 

All submissions must be accompanied with a covering letter indicating the name of the author, title of the submission and the email address of the author.

The submissions will be reviewed and edited by the Editorial Board under the supervision of the Editor in Chief.

Authors must be prepared for a detailed, many-layered and fast-moving editorial process. All submission to SCLR will undergo blind peer review. Authors will be contacted within 10 days from the date of submission and intimated about the acceptance/rejection of the submission.


  1. Vulnerability and victimization in criminal law
  • Victim support in criminal law.
  • Conventional and Innovative criminal justice responses.
  • Pitfalls and misuse of enactments meant for protection against atrocities, dowry, domestic violence and sexual harassment.
  • Hostility of system towards persons involved in victim assistance.
  • Judicial approach to victim compensation.
  • Victimization of the accused and witnesses in criminal justice administration.
  1. Revisiting Criminal Laws due to challenges from new forms of victimization in cyber space


  • Response of criminal laws to male victims of cyber crimes.
  • Restorative Justice and therapeutic Jurisprudence.
  • Cyber violence against women.
  • Changes in IT Act, 2000 and its impact on cyber victimization.
  • Lack of mechanisms to investigate cyber related offences.
  • Prevalence and economic impact of cyber crimes. 
  1. Deficiencies, irregularities and extraneous considerations in criminal justice administration
  • Judiciary and media.
  • Procedural lacunae in criminal investigations.
  • Investigative negligence.
  • Political interference in matters of trial.
  • Special treatment accorded in trial of influential offenders
  • Disparity and discrimination in sentencing

The list is merely suggestive and not exhaustive. Research papers dealing with any issue of criminal jurisprudence and criminal justice system will be considered for review.

Word Limit

The IJCJCJS accepts submissions in the following categories: 

  • Articles: Original work expressing either theoretical debates, or an empirical analysis would be considered for publication. The word limit per submission is 3000-5000 words. 
  • Case Notes/Commentaries: Either critical or supportive comments on recent judicial pronouncements can be submitted under this category. Word limit per submission is 2000-4000. 
  • Book Review: Unlike other law reviews, this literature review will be open to books, treatise or other academic material bearing the theme of criminal law.  The word limit per submission will be 2000-3000 words.

The journal is flexible on the word count depending on the quality of the submission. Referencing and citations must be in conformity with the 19th Harvard Bluebook Style.

Evaluation Process

The contribution shall be evaluated on the basis of originality, innovativeness, conceptual clarity and technical correctness. Authors shall solely be responsible for the accuracy of statements in the article. 


Deadline for the submission is 5th January, 2017. 



Managing Editor: +919873960764



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