Kumari Aabha Saurav, BALLB 5TH Year, New Law College, Pune


Normally people think that legal education is only for law students and lawyers etc. but has anyone ever thought that how important role basics legal education play in our daily life. It is very necessary for every person to have certain knowledge of law; otherwise it would become very difficult for every person to deal with several common problems like consumer protection, protection of fundamental rights in the society. When any person hears the word “legal awareness”, a picture which is framed in his mind of lawyer or a law student or court or similar to all these. People kept away themselves from all these things, many people of the society kept themselves away from all these things by convincing themselves that all these stuffs are not their problems. But it is important that every person must aware about some common law of their country.

We all know that law is very important part of the society. It is one of the important pillars of the society. Law is manmade therefore it is important for every individual. So, knowledge of law is very important. Knowing law help us to promote consciousness of legal culture, participation in formation of law and rule of law.

In India our preamble states the ideal of justice, liberty, sovereignty, fraternity and equality which constitute the basics foundation of our Constitution. However without law these ideals will not be protected. There will nothing except law to protect these ideals so, knowledge of law is important. Legal system reflect all the energy of life within any society hence it is important that there should be legal awareness.

Society is a combination of people living together in a more or less ordered community in a peaceful manner. Without any rules and regulation it is impossible to formulate a well-mannered society. Hence law is essential part of the society. It is important that there should be legal awareness in the society. Every member of the society must know the law of their country. Law reminds us that there is someone or something ready to punish us if necessary. Law helps us to promote justice to any victims. No man is poor or rich in the eyes of law. Law helps us to regulate the behavior of the people. Therefore it is our duty to know the law and respect the law of our Country. Law helps us to know what to except as consequences as a result of our action. Society becomes jungle without enforcement of law and humans become animals. Law helps us to keep the society peaceful and well-mannered.

In India there are various laws and regulations which is very important for every person for example law help us to know that what we would do when someone stop us from doing something without any fault?,  What we would do when someone stop us from entering a public place?, etc. There are various provision of available for these matters. There are many people in the county who are not aware their fundamental rights and fundamental duties towards constitution of India.

Moreover, according to my point of view everyone must aware of his/her rights and duties towards the society. Law provides us a standard guideline for survival of life. This is the reason certain basics knowledge of legal education is necessary. It has been said that “Knowledge is the Power” and indeed it not wrong. An educated person would be aware of his/her rights and duties.


“Do things that make you happy within the confines of the legal system.”

-Ellen DeGeneres



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