HNLU Protest turns Non- Ending: Students reflect No Confidence in VC

Pacing from September 24 2018, the students’ protest against the vice chancellor of the Hidayatullah National Law University seem to be non ending and ravaging even till the fourth day. The students have till date demonstrated numerous strikes to remove the Vice -Chancellor Dr. Sukhpal Singh, accusing him of “mis-administration, financial irregularities and inaction on sexual harassment” cases. The students have accused Singh of failing to initiate action against a professor who 51 women students accused of sexual harassment. They had given him time till 6 pm on September 28 to tender his resignation.

The students on Friday wrote a letter to Singh stating that they no longer recognize him as the Vice Chancellor to the University and that henceforth no official communication shall take place between Singh and the Students Bar Association. The letter is considered to be  a reply of the earlier letter issued by the VC to the Students and their Parents along with other officials of the University, calling for peace and new settlements outweighing the earlier clashes. Earlier, Singh had asked the students to think seriously about their academic and holistic growth at large and appealed to students to peacefully call off the protest restoring the academic environment. “If such a positive step is taken on your part, the university assures you that no disciplinary action will be taken against you,” he wrote.

On Friday, SBA president Snehal Ranjan Shukla and vice-president Swati Bhargava wrote to Singh stating that “We hereby declare that we do not consider you our Vice-Chancellor anymore and no communication would be taking place between the student body and you henceforth. However, since we abide by the principles of natural justice, we demand your justification for failure to abide by the terms stipulated in the said ultimatum. We are deeply disheartened to see that a man, an administrator, most importantly a professor of law, fails to reason with the conscience of 800 people.”

The Students have clearly threatened to continue the Strikes including Huger Strikes till subsequent meetings are arranged between the Students’ Bar Association and the Chief Justice of Chhattisgarh High Court, who is the Chancellor of the University.


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