Does friendship really matter in law school after 5 years? By Shailja Sharma, DSNLU Vizag (Online Intern @LawOF)

Friendships are such lovely bonds that help you live your life easily. And the friends one makes away from home in far away colleges, it becomes the necessity for survival or rather it can be said that these friends become family away from home. College life and the problems and all the weak moments or the time when we are away from home on special occasions be it our birthdays, festivals, the friends which we make become our survival kit at that particular moment. Therefore I can say that friends are an important part of life, we get to learn a lot from them. we learn life lessons from them. The joy of sharing, taking cares, adjusting in every particular circumstance we get to learn a lot. With regards to academics also sometimes friends become our biggest teacher and savers during semester exams. They help us to get to understand something in much easier way than a teacher or a professor could make any student do.  Be it group studies or assignments and team works, we get to learn a lot from our friends.

Now coming to being specific about the importance of friendship in law schools, law is such part or branch of study which requires a lot of socializing, making contacts, being self aware as well as knowing people and talking to them. Therefore the friends we make in our law school or during our college life are those special friends to whom we stick for life. And as we being law students and willing to pursue law as a career option we need to have contacts and access to people. We need to talk to people and get to know them and let them know us. For example, if a person has good friend list and after he graduates he starts working in a law firm, he can be in touch with his other fellow mates who maybe practicing advocates in courts. Maybe in any of his work he can get help from his other fellow mate. He can discuss and take advice from his friend which can be helpful for him. Maybe his friend can refer him to any other renowned person for help.

Therefore the whole point of discussing this topic is friends are an important part of life and as far as law schools are concerned the friends we make here are the friends whom we can cherish for life and who can be very useful for us even if we talk professionally.


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