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Certificate Course



: Register by March 14

About the course:

The cyberspace cannot be regarded as being fragmented into national jurisdictions, because the cyberspace necessarily operates worldwide. In contrast, intellectual property rights are still territorial in nature: that can be studied in relation to copyright protection in general and of computer software in particular, in relation to patent protection of computer-implemented inventions, and, to a lesser extent, with regard to trademark/domain name protection. However, intellectual property protection has been standardised by international conventions, especially the TRIPS Agreement. This standardisation has also loosened the territoriality principle which governs intellectual property rights.

The Online Certificate Course offered by CYBERTALKINDIA – NETIZENS CHOICE, intends to spread awareness among the general public about the basic laws of Patents, Copyright, Trademarks, and Management in IPRs)

Who can pursue it?

Anyone who has access to a computer and the Internet can enroll for the Certification Course.

Duration of Course: 

2 Months (16 March 2020 – 20th March 2020)

Date of Commencement:

02nd September 2019

Exam dates: 

20 May 2020

About the exam:

The exam will consist of 20 questions, 5 marks each. For passing, you need to secure a minimum of 40%. No negative marking.

About the Assignment: 

You need to submit one assignment in between 16th April 2020 – 20th April 2020 on any topic related to the subject. Where the selected Assignments will be published by us in a book bearing an International Standard Book Number for free of cost. (You will be charged only for Paperback edition of the Book)

E-Certificates will be dispatched in the Fourth week of May.

Note: We are giving you a book to study all the syllabus with that book only, which will be sent to you at your email address which is registered with us.


  • Introduction
  • Philosophy of Intellectual Property
  1. Locke’s Theorem : Labour + Nature = property
  2. Utilitarian / Economic Theory of IP
  3. Democratic Theory
  4. Radical / Socialist Theories
  5. Relevance of theories – Future of IP
  • Impact of the internet on Intellectual Property
  • Copyright protection in cyberspace
  • Computer-mediated phenomenon – Software Patents
  1. Understanding Computer Software
  2. Computer Languages
  3. Developing Software
  4. Legal Definition of Computer Program
  5. Copyright Protection for Computer Program
  6. Rise of Software Patents
  7. Computer Program : Copyright V. Patents Debate
  8. Argument for Inclusion of Computer Program Under Patents
  9. Arguments Against Computer Patenting
  10. Software Patents v. Freedom of Speech & Expression
  • Digital Music : Problems & Prospects
  1. MP3 Music – Delight for Music Consumers, Nightmare for Music Procedures
  2. Peer – to – Peer Networking (P2P)
  • Linking, Framing & Caching
  1. Linking
  2. Legal Issues Involved In Linking
  3. Direct Linking
  4. Deep Linking
  5. Framing & In – Lining
  6. Caching
  • Resolving Link Law Disputes –Same Principles
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
  • Trademarks & Domain Name in Cyberspace
  1. Metatags – Use of Indexing word
  • ICANN and UDRP
  • Patent Misuse in Cyberspace

Fees for the course:

Rs.3500/- (For students only the amount for a hard copy of the publication will be charged extra)

Early Bird: Rs. 1899/- (Register before 10th March 2019, Early bird registration applicable to only students not for professionals) Early Bird Click HERE this link is applicable till the date mentioned above.

Note: Payment is non-refundable.


The last date for registration is 14th March 2020.

For registration Click HERE

To make payment through Paytm Students / Professionals Click HERE [This link is for those who is registering themselves after 10th March 2020]

  •  Early Bird Entry is not applicable for Professionals and students having a Voucher of the conference which is sponsored by CYBERTALKINDIA.

To make payment directly to our account revert back with this email or call us @ +91-9406841953


DISCLAIMER:- This is not a Diploma Course it’s a course designed by the firm and itself to promote cyber education in society. Certificate Courses are Certified by Law Firms of India. If someone claims that he/she is from CYBERTALKINDIA and taking money against the Diploma Courses please write here [email protected] CYBERTALKINDIA does not offer any type of Diploma Courses to its students.

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