Call for Blogs: Weekly Blogs by HNLU, Raipur: Rolling Submissions

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Call for Blogs: Weekly Blogs by HNLU, Raipur: Rolling Submissions

About the Organizers

Hidayatullah National Law University, Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh is the 6th autonomous National Law University to be established in India. The University is named after the former Chief Justice of India, Justice Mohammad Hidayatullah. It offers premier undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate legal education to its students.

The HNLU Student Bar Journal is an initiative of the Student Editorial Board (SEB) which is tasked with publishing journals on behalf of the University.

About the Blog

The HNLU Weekly is the Student Editorial Board’s blog where students, legal professionals, and practitioners send and publish articles on various contemporary legal issues on a rolling basis.


The Editorial Board invites submissions for the Blog on the theme: A DECADE IN REVIEW- SUPREME COURT

Since this decade is almost coming to an end and has been one of the most eventful in the Supreme Court’s history with numerous landmark cases from Ayodhya Verdict to Sabrimala case, Privacy to Aadhaar and many more.

We invite submissions dissecting these judgments, appreciating them, criticizing them, and looking at them through the lenses of contemporary society and judicial developments.


Here are some sub-themes on which the submissions can be based on. The submissions are, however, not restricted to the aforesaid sub-themes, provided they fall within the ambit of the main theme.

  • Ayodhya verdict- A final solution or more problems?
  • What the next decade holds for the Supreme Court
  • Judicial Activism and Over activism- Where to draw the line?
  • The Sabrimala Issue- Faith over laws?
  • The effect of Sec. 377 repeal on LGBTQI communities’ lives
  • The curious case of declining dissent in judgments

Guidelines for Contributions

  • All submissions shall be made to [email protected] with the subject “Submission for HNLU Weekly”.
  • Submissions should ideally be between 800-1500 words in length.
  • By submitting an article, the author undertakes that the article is an original work and has not been submitted, accepted or published elsewhere.
  • Co-authorship is NOT allowed.
  • Plagiarism will result in summary rejection of the submission (includes self-plagiarism).
  • The content should be written in Times New Roman Font with a size of 12. Line Spacing should be 1.5.
  • The article should contain endnotes or hyperlinks and NOT footnotes. All endnotes must be in Times New Roman font, with size 10 and line spacing 1. Cite only when necessary.
  • Submissions must be made in .doc/.docx formats only.
  • Authors must include their full name, institution/organization, course, year of study and specialisation/honours in the body of the mail.

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 8334801111 (Joyjeev Medhi, Convenor of SEB)

The journal website link is here.

The blogs website link is here.

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