42nd All India Criminology Conference 2020


Criminology for Global Wellness[Feb 20 – 22, 2020]

Dr. Harisingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya Sagar, Madhya Pradesh: Submit by  Dec 30

About the college:

Doctor Harisingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya Sagar (A Central University), formerly University of Saugor, was established on 18th July 1946 by Dr. Sir Hari Singh Gour (Nov. 26, 1870 – Dec. 25, 1949). by his lifetime saving. This 18th University of India and the oldest and the biggest  University of Madhya Pradesh has perhaps the singular distinction of being founded by the munificence of a single person’s hard earned money of about two crore of rupees.  Apart from being a great jurist and legal luminary par excellence, he was a great Patriot, Philanthropist, Educationist and Social Reformer.

About the conference:

Criminology for global wellness wants to highlight how this subject is important in existent time for all. In this subject, not only we study about criminals but also the victims of crimes. Criminologist through their intensive study and research, help the administrators, policymakers, lawmakers, social workers and all the law enforcement officials to enable them to make newer grounds for effective means in the prevention of crimes. If we glance over the justice delivery system, it protects the cherished social values and norms, promotes a sense of security amongst the people, and ensures the rights of the victim and accused. From time to time criminologists used to give all kinds of training to police officers, prison officers, correctional officers, etc. on how to curb crimes so that people can live peacefully


  1. New Dimensions in Crime: Digital crime, Tourism crime, Hate crime, Juveniles in conflict with law, Crimes against elderly, Environmental crime, Mental illness and crime
  2. Feminist Criminology: Female foeticide, Female infanticide, Acid attack, Sexual offence, Honour killing, Domestic violence
  3. Internal Security Management for Organized Crime: Human trafficking, Forced prostitution and Pornography, Drug trafficking, Terrorism, Corporate crime
  4. Institutional Correction and Support: Correctional programmes for prisoners, Trauma centre for heinous crime victims, De-addiction centres
  5. Role of Justice Delivery System in Prevention and Control of Crime: Police, Court, Prison, Correctional Institutions
  6. New Policies and Law for the Victims and Offenders of Crime: Human rights, Compensation, Restorative justice, NGOs and Government Organizations participation
  7. Criminology and Wellness: Scope and Importance




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