Dr. Susanta Kumar Shadangi

Assistant Professor,

Faculty of Law,

ICFAI University, Dehradun


LawOF: Sir, as being a law teacher, how would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Dr. Susanta Kumar Shadangi: Law, being   a social science has become very essential at the present scenario and has become a must to every citizen of the country to have the minimum knowledge of the law of the land to lead a smooth and peaceful life. And I, being a teacher of this subject must try to inculcate the same in the minds of the people.

LawOF: What inspired you to join law, were you able to satisfy yourself inspiration.

Dr. Susanta Kumar Shadangi: It was my personal liking to do higher in law subject. Moreover, I found there is dearth of good lawyer/ teacher in our country. Another thing i observed that most of the common people do not even posses the minimum knowledge regarding the law of this country.

LawOF: How was your law school journey?

Dr. Susanta Kumar Shadangi: At the initial stage I had  a bad weather days, but  due to my persistent endeavour and  special interest now I had successfully  over come    most of those huddles and now I am trying my best to proceed further till I reach at a higher point.

LawOF: What are the opportunities that are open today to Law Teachers? How does one grow in this noble profession?

Dr. Susanta Kumar Shadangi: Now days there are various opportunities that are open to a law teacher. First of all in addition to his teaching, one can become a good adviser to others including to the government at the time of requirement. He can be a good publisher in which he can put his point of concern, can be an effective outsource and above all if he is good in study, he can be a good judicial person (judge) besides that practice of the profession as an advocate. These are the few important ways which is always open to a law professional person.

LawOF: What’s the best thing about your job?

Dr. Susanta Kumar Shadangi: The best thing of  this job is that it is very interesting as in every day in and day out new types of legal problems are coming  which require solution basing the need of the hour hence it requires long discussions, deliberations  to find out the probabilities. Besides this we people are remaining abreast with the current legal provisions all the time. These are the basic things that make us very interesting all the times.

LawOF: Sir, according to you what is the importance of Mooting, Publication and Internships in a law student life?

Dr. Susanta Kumar Shadangi: As we are aware of the fact that Moot court practice is very important on the part of a student, as it provides mainly two things, the first is, it provides the actual knowledge of the procedure and system of presentation of cases in the courts and the other thing is it persuades one to go for research work on a different case law. Hence it gives the basic knowledge about the profession which will be very help full in his later part of life.

LawOF: Did you face problems in taking up law teaching as a profession and how did you cope up with all this?

Dr. Susanta Kumar Shadangi: Obviously, at the initial stage especially one has to face a little bit embarrassed new topics of law subjects come at different point of time in different modes. But as we people are always in touch with books and other materials, off let we are getting some source to get rid of the same. Hence by means of getting through different journals, books and materials we are able to adjust ourselves with time.

LawOF: What is the one thing that keeps you going?

Dr. Susanta Kumar Shadangi: My commitment and faith in God.

LawOF: What’s the best way for a student to get to know you?

Dr. Susanta Kumar Shadangi: First of all a person should be known by his/her deeds and words.  I personally believe it and try to follow the same. My way of convincing, way of conduct, creating belief and trust in the hearts of the students takes a very important part. Above all through my pleasant personality I would like to attract the students and want to be known by them.

LawOF: Any suggestions or comments for the students?

Dr. Susanta Kumar Shadangi: My suggestion is the combination of 4 ‘D’. Students should be more dedicated, determined and devoted towards their study and before that each one should be more disciplined also, which will carry them to a higher position soon, as sky is the limit. Above all they should be more pragmatic in nature.

LawOF: Any Quotation from your experience.

Dr. Susanta Kumar Shadangi: “It is the peculiarity of knowledge that, who really thrust for it, always gets it.”


Thanks for taking the time to share your unique journey with us, and best of luck to you!





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