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Centre for Economy Development and Law

Government Law College Thrissur

Centre for Economy Development and Law invites motivated students and scholars to apply for full-time internships at the Centre, Government Law College Thrissur. The centre envisages being a platform for academic discussion and as a creative think-tank for studying, analysing and interpreting various socio- economic and legal issues. This forum intends to generate perceptual framework to explore and understand social issues and events, thereby enabling the people and institutions to create best possible models in policy making and legal practices.

It is essential that the applicants to this position must have excellent reading, writing and communicative skills. They must be able to comprehend the importance of attending to the needs of Centre and the people, at large to which the Centre caters.

Title of the post

  • Research Internee – 02

Areas of research

The research shall be carried out under the broader discourses of
1. Developmental Economics
2. Political Economy
3. National and International Trade and Economic Law, and
4. Law and Development


Thrissur, Kerala, although there may be assignments which may require travel to
other places both in and out of Kerala.

Job assignments from and report to:

CED &L Director.


4 weeks from the date of appointment.


Certificates shall be issued on proper and prompt completion of the internship assignments and tasks. An honorarium may be paid up to Rs.5000/- to the needy candidates.

Minimum Eligibility requirements:

  1. Graduate and Post Graduate Students in the field of law, economics, political science,
    or development studies with serious research interest can apply.
  2. Proficiency in English both spoken and written. (Students intending to write in
    Malayalam will also be considered, provided the applicants undertake to submit
    typewritten Malayalam reports. Decisions of the Director shall be final.)
  3. Computer skills inclusive of basics such as typing, proper and prompt management of
    desktop, folders and files to more extensive usage of Ms Office high end operations,
    file format conversions, internet and browsing knowledge and website management.

Preferences shall be given to those who demonstrate through CV, Statement of Purpose, and Academic Writing Sample (Maximum 3000 words, preferably in the applied field of research) the following qualities:

  • Commitment to research methodology, and structured learning.
  • Desire to learn and grow, both individually and as a part of a team and institution.
  • Openness and respect to all schools of thought and new ideas.
  • Pro-activeness as to research and academic initiatives
  • Consistent academic and research interests and working culture.
  •  Multi-tasking readiness and interests.
  •  Readiness and happy willingness to hard work.
  • Active virtual presence through social networking websites and social media writings,
    which includes blogging and other web posting.

How to apply

Visit Website CLICK HERE and apply online. Please note that CED&L is currently calling for full time Research Internship (In-house) only. Other types of internships as listed in the online application form are not open as of now.

Apply before June 25th 2018.

For Official Notification, Click Here

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