Online internship experience with LawOf  By Shailja Sharma, DSNLU Vizag 


The internship experience with law of was a very unique and amazing experience. I had the opportunity to work with this institution, and improvise my skills regarding writing and preparing articles on different topics. I had the experience to write some of my views regarding some sensitive topics such as triple Talaq or the Disability bill. I could write blogs as well as share my own experience in internships which I did earlier. As well as I could also share my experience of the past years of my law school journey as well as I could also share my views regarding the importance of a friend in a law school and after it.

The deadline provided was sufficient enough for the work to be complete very well. I enjoyed it a lot. Also I got to learn a lot of things which was posted on the website which was written by other interns. It provided ample opportunity to learn a lot of things, read and understand others perspective regarding many topics. One of my articles was published on the website also which was a great boost up for my self confidence and which motivated me for writing more articles and express my views with it.

This internship provides an opportunity to the students to work from home which gives them enough time to be at home and enjoy as well as carry on with some useful internship. Also one can avail this opportunity even if the classes are going on and one can take out some time from his studies and work with his internship. Also it provides the internees with a lot of knowledge from publications of other internees.

As per my view online internships are such platform for every law student that it gives immense knowledge and experience to the internees as well as saves their travelling time a lot. They can complete their work from home or anywhere, by daily giving few hours to the assignments being given. Lastly I would like to state that it was an amazing experience interning with Lawof and I would look forward to intern more with such institution.

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