One of Astrologer says I will never become a judicial officer. Should I believe in fate (Kismat) or my strong determination and hard work can beat it?

 MY THOUGHTS BY: Suyogya Awasthy, Third Year (V Semester),Damodaram sanjiviyya National Law University, Visakhapatnam

“Elevate yourself so high that even god. before issuing every decree of destiny, should ask you: Tell me what is your destiny?”


Okay….It’s been a long time where I was and where I am now but I still remember the words of that astrologer who ashamed me in front of my parents that your son can’t do anything in life but one thing that he will let you down in the front of whole world but in the end what pays is the determined mind, hard work, perseverance and the sleepless nights that made me where I am standing today. So it’s not what your destiny or we say fate which we all blame on, it’s the lack of hard work which you did and you didn’t gave your top notch shot and when the results are out half of the people blame it on the astrologer or on your luck. One should not be sure of someone else but in oneself because if you have guts and the positive attitude towards anything which keeps running in your sub conscious mind, no can beat you to achieve it but it can give you more competitive spirit within oneself that ‘I will do it, I can do it and I will show it to this world once I am done’ but just don’t get demotivated or discouraged of anyone’s word because it’s your life who will be taking most important decisions in the upcoming life if you keep getting demotivated with such silly words of people then it will be like your life is on someone’s else hand not your own.

There is a very great saying from the words of great poet i:e ‘toofano mein taash ke mahal ni bante,ek jeet se koi sikander aur ek haar se koi mukaddar ni banta’.

Therefore be determined and keep running towards your goal and for that whatever hard work you have to do, just keep going and keep in mind that no one can stop you because there are great people who were known as their biggest failures and losers in their life such as Steve Jobs, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein etc who become one of the great persons with most intelligent mind in the whole world what if in that time they would have believed in others, they wouldn’t have been able to be so famous what are they now.







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