National Seminar on Guru Nanak @ Department of Laws, PU, Chandigarh [Nov 7]: Submit by Nov 2

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National Seminar on Guru Nanak @ Department of Laws, PU, Chandigarh [Nov 7]:

Submit by Nov 2

About the Organizer

Panjab University is a public university located in Chandigarh, India. It originated in 1882 as the University of Punjab but was established in 1947 after the partition of India, where the university was split between Pakistan and India.

The Department of Laws, originally established at Lahore in 1889, was re-established at Shimla in 1948, shifted to
Jalandhar in 1950 and finally re-located at the University Campus at Chandigarh in 1959. Well- structured curriculum of the Department of Laws provides a clear overview of the progress of the law course.

About the Seminar

Panjab University, The Department of Laws is organising a seminar on GURU NANAK: HIS VISION AND ITS IMPACT ON SOCIAL AND LEGAL TRANSFORMATION.

Guru Nanak: A Social and Legal Reformer of the 15th Century is remembered and professed today in the context of his
teachings on all aspects of society. He has been observed as a saint, a scientist, a sociologist, a psychologist, an
environmentalist, a lover of nature, a poet, a writer, a critic of good/bad omens and a great leader.

Thus, when the whole world is memorizing the contribution of Guru Nanak on his 550th birth anniversary,
the department of laws was keen to be a part of this celebration. That’s why this initiative is initiated.

Seminar Date

NOVEMBER 7, 2019


  1. Gender and Guru Nanak
  2. Cultural Fixation And Guru Nanak
  3. Concept of Equality and Guru Nanak
  4. Social Evils/Omens And Guru Nanak
  5. Caste, Society And Guru Nanak
  6. Freedom of Religion And Guru Nanak
  7. Preamble Of Our Constitution And Guru Nanak
  8. Human Rights And Guru Nanak
  9. Environment and beauty of Nature and Guru Nanak
  10. Law, Society and Guru Nanak
  11. Or any other concept related to the title of the seminar

Call for Papers

Research papers are invited from the academicians, practitioners, professionals, research scholars and students
on the issues related to the themes. The quality-based selected papers will be published with National Standards
Book Number.

Only full papers submitted on or before the deadline shall be considered for publication and will be given an opportunity to present their papers during various sessions on the day of the seminar.


Authors are requested to adhere to following guidelines to enable submission of papers:

  1. Word format shall be submitted via email at [email protected] on or before the deadline.
  2. Authors are requested to adhere to ILI pattern of Footnoting and Citations.
  3. The author must certify that paper is his/her original work and has not been published wholly or partly or accepted for publication elsewhere.
  4. Participants must also bring a duly filled copy of registration forms which are attached with the
    brochure (subject to the acceptance of their paper) at the time of registration at the registration desk on November 7th, 2019 from 08.30 A.M to 09.30 A.M.
  5. No Registration Fee.
  6. The last date for the Submission of Paper is November 2nd 2019.

Contact Details

  • Prof. Ranbir Kaur Bhangu: 9876397540
  • Dr. Supinder Kaur: 9876033232
  • Ms. Manveer Kaur: 7307666556
  • Mr. Krishan Kanha: 9646322262
  • Mr. Sachin Singhal: 7056575958
  • Ms. Mehakpreet Kaur: 7710573865

For registration form & full details, click here.

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