MOOT COURT: National Law School Trilegal International Arbitration Moot (NLSIAM) on May 21 to 22, 2016. Last date for Provisional Registration 5th March, 2016.

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Moot Court

National Law School Trilegal International Arbitration Moot (NLSIAM)

WHAT: NLS Trilegal International Arbitration Moot (NLSIAM)

WHEN: May, 20 to 22, 2016

WHERE: National Law School of India University,


The NLS Trilegal International Arbitration Moot (NLSIAM) has, since its inception in 2008, attempted to raise the bar for Moot Court Competitions in India. It has the distinction of being the only moot in India which gives students the opportunity to argue before a simulated Arbitral Tribunal, populated by expert arbitrators and practitioners. The moot has steadily garnered a reputation as one which deals with the most cutting edge issues in contemporary arbitration law.Through previous editions of NLSTIAM, participants and judges have had the opportunity to explore issues such as the recovery of costs, damages for loss and reputation, unjust enrichment and jurisdiction of the tribunal, arbitrator bias, confidentiality, and also deal with other contemporary developments in the field of law. Further, the moot provides an excellent forum for students, academicians and practitioners to come together. Previous editions of the moot have scene some of the biggest and most respected names in the field.



Release of moot problem     : 1st week of January, 2016

Release of Tribunal’s Procedural Order 2   : TBA

Last date for clarifications  : 18th February, 2016

Release of Procedural Order No 2   : TBA

Last date for Provisional Registration  : 5th March, 2016

Last Date for Registration  : 20th March, 2016

Submission of Memoranda  : 15th April, 2016

Opening Ceremony  : 20th May, 2016

Preliminary Rounds  : 21st May, 2016

Championship Round  : 22nd May, 2016



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