LawOf Online Internship Experience (By Shubhangi Sharma, 3rd Year Law Student at Lloyd Law College, Gr. Noida)


The internship was for LawOf, it is for undergraduate, and postgraduate and doctoral students interested in writing about contemporary issues of law. The purpose of this web portal is to provide law student but also a Law Teachers with details of internships, competitions, legal news , call for papers, Conferences, Seminars, Moot Court, Legal Events, Workshops,  Essay/Debate Competitions etc. The web portal regularly updates itself with various happenings in legal education and the opportunities available to the law students. Writing had always interested me and for a really long time I had been looking for an opportunity to write well-researched articles for a reputed blog on the Internet. As I am Campus Senator of LawOf, so, I easily get to know about the online internship. The internship began on December 5, 2017 and ranged over a period of one month. The tasks assigned ranged over a wide variety and they were quite diverse in nature. it allowed me to broaden my understanding and think from different perspectives on a legal issue. The timings are flexible and there was a great degree of independence provided to us. The work is required to be completed according to the deadline however extensions were not allowed. The work is required to be completed according to the deadline however extensions are allowed. Assigning of tasks and all the interaction was carried over whatsapp and e-mails and it was extremely friendly and informal and we could get our queries addressed in the best possible way. Overall it was a fantastic experience. I would recommend this internship for all students who are pursuing law.



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