LawOF Online Internship Experience By- Divya Singh, BA.LLB  3RD Year (5th semester), Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida

Meaning of an Internship“Internships are the key to building experience as a student or recent graduate.

First of all, I would to thank LawOF team for giving me this opportunity to intern on this platform, so that I can perform well and brush up my mind.

This is my first online internship, I had a great experience through this journey. I have gained so much knowledge and it has helped me to improve my writing skills, made me able to do lot of research work and most importantly to sit and think about the particular topic so that I can show my capability or write on my own and I can share my thoughts to the work assigned to the interns.

Previously, I never used to do research work or sit for an hour to study, but this online internship has helped me a lot. And now I am very excited to do more and more online internship. Thank you so much Suyogya Awasthy (Our Coordinator), under his guidance this was only possible for me, if he would not have motivated me then I could not have helped me to pull up my socks.

The best part of this internship was that it has helped me to work properly, sincerely, and being focused towards the work and enrich my mind and it has helped me to interact with my batchmates which gave me a wonderful exposure too.

I would like to say to my upcoming aspirants to do online internships and off line internships as much as you can, because, Internships are very useful for our career and to maintain or strengthen our resume. It gives you pratical experience apart from your college studies. Online internships helps you to become a good researcher and a good writer.

In the end, I would like to thank my mentor, my senior, my guide Suyogya Awasthy to help me through the wonderful one month journey of online internship.


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