Law School Review: Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad

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Law School Review: 

Institute of Law, Nirma University


EDITOR NOTE/Disclaimer: This is a reader review. The opinions/assessment expressed are that of the person concerned and Not of LawOF. This information is based on opinions/assessment and varies from person to person.

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Institute of Law, Nirma University

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About Infrastructure of Your College *

ILNU has a beautiful and lush green campus. The campus is one of the best things at ILNU. As soon as you enter through the University Main gate, you will be amazed to see the beauty of the campus.
There are no hostel facilities available for law students in the campus, except only for 5th year students. But there are several private hostels and PGs which are called by the administration during the time of your orientation and admission process, so you can easily choose from them. Top picks by the students are Hiramani hostel (for boys only) and NICM hostel (co-ed). Apart from there, many other private PGs and Hostels are available for stay. Also most of the people in college rent out flats nearby the college or in the city area. You can take apartments on rent in Anand Vihar or Anand Square society which is 3.5 km behind ILNU, or Adani Pratham which is 1.5 km Behind ILNU. Also Godrej Garden City and Vande Mataram are other areas preferred by the students.
The class rooms are spacious and well built with projectors and charging points under desks in most of the classes. Central AC is available in all classses. Moot court room at ILNU is built on the same model as the Gujarat High Court and can seat around 150 people at once.
There are 4 canteens in the campus serving only veg food. Fast food and multi cuisine menu is available. The library is one of the best things at ILNU.
The library boasts of a vast collection of books, journals, periodicals etc from all fields. You can find books for all law fields here. The library also has a tie-up with other leading libraries in the country, so you access database of those libraries too on your ILNU Id-Card. Also facilities like Remote access to the database and WIFI facilities are also available.
The college building is not large but remains neat and tidy all round the year.

Faculty and Academics *

College hours are really long from 9.15 in the morning till around 3.15 or 4.15 based on the no of classes one has to attend. Sometimes it gets extended to around 6 in the evening in case of extra classes. Each class is for an hour, you get two two breaks of 15 mins and 45 mins respectively in between.
Faculties are good at ILNU and are well experienced in most of the cases, however exceptions are always there and you may find a few to be really strict and unable to maintain the standard of teaching at ILNU.
Students are evaluated on the basis of tests and projects and assignments for the internals and then a semester end examination. Class participation is another criteria of evaluation for students.
Regular class lectures, with guest lectures and field visits and video lectures are part of the teaching process at ILNU.

Fees and Administration *

The fees decreases every year as you move forward to your senior years. Currently it ranges to 1.5 lakhs every year for newcomers.

Student Activities *

Regular cultural and sports fests are held in the College and also teams from the college take part in the events around the country.
Vibes is the national cultural and sports fest of ILNU held annually. Apart from that ILNU moot court competitions, Debate competitions etc are held regularly.
Connaissance is the annual Literature and Academic Fest of ILNU which hosts students from all over the country.
Regular workshops are held in the college for students and faculties, apart from that various certificate courses ranging from different fields are held regularly in the college.
Freshers fest called Milange and annual musical fest called Tangerine are other fests organised in the college.
Apart from these, Fresher’s Sports fest, inter institute Sports and cultural fest, inter semester sports fest, teachers-faculties matches are other events organised in the college.
NILSAA is a student run body of the college which is ultimately responsible for all the student organised events in the college. Student’s Welfare Board, Sports Committee, Debate committee, Music Committee, Moot Court Committee, Quiz Committee, etc are other student run bodies of the college.
All major fields of law like Criminal law, constitutional law, environment law etc have their own student run bodies which helps in organizing events, seminars, guest lectures etc.
Nirma University has a vast sports complex with lush green cricket ground with turf wickets surrounded by the athletics track. Apart from that two basketball courts, three tennis courts, two volleyball courts, a cricket net, two badminton courts and a football ground are other sporting facilities available for the students. Gym is also available in the college itself.

Surrounding Area of the Law school *

The college is located in the outskirts of Ahmedabad and on the Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar Highway. City area is around 10-12 kms away. Nearby areas are Vaishno Devi Circle, Greenwoods, Tragad, Gota etc.

Internship *

At the end of every semester, students are required to undergo compulsory internship period of 4 weeks at the place of their choice, they are evaluated on the same and weekly reports and final reports of the same are required to be submitted by the students.
Internship cell at the institute helps to get you internships at top law firms, NGo’s, MNCs etc, if you fulfill their criteria. Mostly though, students are required to make their own arrangements for internship by applying for the same at a place of their choice.

Placements *

Placement cell at ILNU helps you to get placed in top law firms, Companies, Banks, etc from the country. Students are also hired by the places where they intern if they work satisfactorily. Firms, companies, etc visit ILNU for placements regularly.

What are the best things about your law school? *

Best things are the campus, the library and the ever growing mooting culture of our institute.
ILNU recently won prestigious moots like NALSAR moot, BCI Moot for the 3rd consecutive time and other major moots of the country.
The students of ILNU have left a mark at the national as well as international mooting arena in the recent times.

What are the worst things about your law school? *

The worst things are the attendance criteria which is 85%, college timings which are too long for any law school, unnecessary harassment of students by taking exorbitant fines like Rs 5000 for getting caught with mobile in the class, or Rs 5000 again for Term Not granted (when you fail to pass a subject based on your internals as well as semester end examinations).
Most of the time, the grievances of the students are unheard even though we have a grievance redressal committee, and administration uses the high attendance criteria mostly to harass students.

Other things?

Overall if you’re ready to bear the long college hours with the extra burden of projects, assignments, exams all at the same time, coupled with high attendance criteria and strict teachers, you will find ILNU to your liking. Academically ILNU stand with the very best of law schools in the country and the ever growing mooting culture is one of the perks of being here.
The library, the campus and the sports complex are top notch with other major facilities like remote access to database, WIFI, AC, Moot court halls, Reading Room, Cyber lab, Classrooms equipped with projectors and charging points and Common room for girls as well as boys are also of the highest standards.
You will find really good crowd of students here mostly which are from Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat and some of whom will become your friends for life.
ILNU is far better than lower tier law and even some of the medium tier law schools. The standards and stature of ILNU is increasing with every passing year and the students and the teachers have a major role to play in it.


EDITOR NOTE/Disclaimer: This is a reader review. The opinions/assessment expressed are that of the person concerned and Not of LawOF. This information is based on opinions/assessment and varies from person to person.

Do send in your law school review by filling FORM, CLICK HERE For Law School Review Form


This information is based on opinions/assessment and varies from person to person.

LawOF does not claim any responsibility for the above mentioned opinions. The Contents of this Website are informative only and for the benefit of the general public. Even though every care has been taken to ensure the correctness of information and procedure, the is not responsible for any inadvertent errors and the same may please be brought to the notice through e-mail: [email protected]


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