Name of the student

           Renu Bala  B.A.LL.B (H), 3rd year


College is situated in Panipat,Haryana  just 50 min distance from Delhi NCR

  • Infrastructure

Infrastructure of college is well organised. College has a beautiful campus with lots of greenery outside and inside of the college. College has a separate blocks for the law school and projector in each classroom, computer lab, moot court hall and an offline library. There is access of SCC ONLINE which make student able to find out cases and other information easily.

  • Hostel

There is separate hostel for boys and girls in the campus itself. There is facility of mess  for the hostel students and canteen for other students.For the security and safety of hostel students they are provided with warden and security guard.

  • Faculty and Academics

There is excellent,nationally renowed and award winning faculty who came from different background. Faculty is very good and skilled and very helpful and cooperative and always ready to help and clear the queries of the students.

College provide 3 year and 5 year law programe and also provide 2 year LL.M. There is semester system and class timmings is 9:30A.M-3:00P.M. and college is off on Saturday but the faculty come on Saturday also and if any student bhave any kind of doubt related to any subject can come to the college on Saturday also to clear their doubt.

Our college is very good in academics as in every year out of top 10 students of university almost 4-5 students of our college. Recently I scored 84.4% marks in the second semester which is the highst marks in university and became a university topper.

  • Fees and Administration

Fees structure varies as per the rules of authority of college

  • Student Activities

In our college there is lots of academic and co-curricular activities and cultural programes.

National Moot court competition is organised by the college in the month of March every year which provide students an opportunity to participate in the moot and help them to get knowledge and experience about the mooting nd there are various intra moot cout competitions and debate competitions organised by the college.College organise an international seminar in the month of November every year. Festivals  and events are celebrated by the college time to time.

College has started its Journal named Geeta Student Law Review(GSLR) which is run by the student coordinators

  • Internship and placement

There is internship and placement committee in the college which help the studentds to get internand students have m,any options for internship like law firms, corporate house, NGO’s, courts and various regulatory authory.

There are many internship and placement committee which college provides like Indian Oil Corporation, Law Commission of India, Indian Lawyer Forum etc.

  • Good things about college

College has very excellent perfomance in academics and atmospherre of the college is very disciplined and our college is one of the top law colleges in Haryana and Delhi NCR.

  • Bad things about college

As college is very disciplined so there can be difficulties with some students like they cant bunk the classes and students can not go outside of the college without college gate pass which is issued by their college coordinator. And as the staff of canteen changes after short period of time so their can be change in the taste.

GIL is the centre of teaching and research defined by a culture of academic excellience and innovation. In reaching for excellence, GIL seeks to take acdemic and embrace diversity among faculty members, staff and students to ensure the widest possible range of perspectives.

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