Law School Journey By Twinkle Jha,NLC Pune,4th Year Student

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Law School Journey 


Twinkle Jha,NLC Pune,4th Year Student

I AM TWINKLE Jha, a 4th-year law student of Bharti Vidyapeeth, new law college, Pune.The remarkable journey of law school started from 24th August 2013.I was very excited that it was no more a dream I am finally landed in law school that too among top law schools in India.soon after entering my law college I participated in intra moot court a researcher I learn how to do research for a case also learn how to use manupatra and SCC online which is provided by the college.during moots preparation itself, I made friends who continue to be my besties till date.

After that I found my interest in moot courts and being a part of several and enter moot courts I improve my researching and arguing skills, learn court adherence and much more.our first semester was over in November and I joined district court at my native place for my first internship in law.I learnt lots of things like drafting, how to appear in court etc.
Constitution law is the 1st law paper which we read in our law school so it is so dear to me.also it is constitution itself from which all other laws or acts derive its, it is very important for a law student to well-versed with constitutional law.

In my 2nd year of law school, I found my interest area in corporate I decided to opt for company secratory along with my BALLB.I cleared my foundation soon after that and enter into the executive programme.

My 3rd year of law school is quite interesting as I started to pursue my 2nd internship at NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR WOMEN .the organisation works for the welfare of women and help them to uplift their position in the society.

I am in my 4th year now and one more year to go for me to become a law professional. In my 7th semester, I participated in online legal apprentice challenge conducted by career 360 and got AIR 32nd rank.I also did my internship with lawyers & solicitors.
It felt like it was just yesterday when i joined my law college. I discover a bold and enthusiastic girl inside a shy girl over the years.



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