“Law School Journey” Till Now

 Tanmaya Mall student of 3rd year BA LLB from College of Legal Studies, UPES, Dehradun.

I am Tanmaya Mall a student of 3rd year BA LLB from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun.

Well I am halfway through law school now, I have grown in all ways all in positive manner though.

My first year in law school academically was a bit more easy because of the subjects which were mostly the BA ones and my favourites including History, Political Science, etc.  And then the law subjects came up which a bit mind-boggling at times mostly during the exams when we had to like study all those sections and various case laws.

But at the end you would feel like oh yes i know it the law now which is a wrong feeling to have as you can never know the law in one day and never you can know it all. I have developed many more talents in myself including studying the whole course in one night, taking up all nighters and then managing to secure decent scores too.

All those moot sessions, seminars, guest lectures may at one point of time bore you but at the end turn out to be very useful. There are times when you feel why am I even pursuing law, and those are the times when you have just given up on everything maybe because of those projects, assignments, tests, vivas all piled up and yes then there is also a need of ornamenting yourself with publications and finding yourself good internships all during that time.

You need to build a good CV for yourself and you would also like to enjoy your life, it’s really very difficult to choose and especially when you see your other friends enjoying and there you are either interning or maybe studying for your moot or writing a paper.

Law school is a bit hectic but at the end you are studying Law the most prestigious career one might achieve. Despite of all these mixed feelings and emotions on the path of law school I do love what I am doing. I would like to research more and more on this arena and bring about a change in the society. The change is whether large or small that doesn’t matter to me, all I want is that my knowledge should help the people around me.

I am interested in Research and would also like to be a Researcher. Well this was all about my law school life up till now which has been a great journey so far with lots of ups and downs.

I hope for a successful life for everyone and mine too. 


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