Each of today’s youth faces the problem of choosing the right stream from the so many available. The end of class 12th does not mean relaxation but rather gears up for the quest of career choosing which both confuses and scares the mind as first, it seems impossible to choose the right stream and second, impossible to get into the best institute for it. I consider myself the fortunate ones who had a pre-determined goal and a passion to fulfill which was, “LAW”. The first step was undertaking the entrance exams and prep through personalized coaching and mock interview trainings. That feeling of receiving the call letter for admission is a moment to be cherished forever.

With suitcases packed, tickets booked and dreams to fulfill I set out to embark upon my new journey at Symbiosis Law School in Hyderabad, the city of pearls and nizams where one can find both the Telugu culture and Islamic heritage. The fact that I would be away from home and my people made me terrified of how I would stay alone, whether I would make friends, adjust and if I would be able to cope up with pressure. My initial days were most depressing, sad and tough as I would be gloomed in thoughts of home and the urge to be back as soon as possible. Now after spending one and a half year I look back and laugh at what I had been then. Symbiosis not just gave me friends but a whole new family. The key for survival is to communicate, accept each other’s distinctiveness and celebrate unity in diversity. It has made me strong, bold and independent. Law School has helped academically by improving my skills, undertaking trainings and developing holistically through working for the college and enhancing knowledge. Tolerance, self-confidence and calmness are some of the new qualities that I now possess. I feel a whole new boost of confidence in me and have let go of my shyness. Celebrating each other’s joy, sorrow, pain and victory is what I learnt and we all students grow with each other.

From my academic point of view, it has made me aware of the competition and made me more focused paving a way for a new vision to strive for. Tomorrow, when I shall step into the real world I would be ready to take up any challenge at hand. Working along with my teachers and fellow seniors they have proved to be the best mentors for me and I too wish to portray the same towards my juniors. Law School experience is something one can never get otherwise. It changes and molds one so beautifully that you feel nothing but amazed. Being open to thoughts, ideas and also being a caring individual is the primary factor. Similarly, I have also realized to stand up against wrong and take side of truth. This is the journey I choose and shall make it my very best.

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