“Law School Journey” Till Now Amardeep Singh LL.B. final year student Department of Law, Punjabi University, Patiala

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“Law School Journey” Till Now

Amardeep Singh

LL.B. final year student

Department of Law, Punjabi University, Patiala


I am Amardeep Singh LL.B. final year student of Department of Law, Punjabi University, Patiala. The Law School experience for me is like a zigzag. Actually I am not from a legal background which is considered as a big thing in this field. It is my interest in the field that motivated me to get admission in LL.B.

My first day in the university is memorable for me. It seems that all of my dreams are going to become true. I remember that on first day our Professor of Jurisprudence tells us that,” Now in a number of days you all are going to become jurists.” That feeling was totally unique for me.

Then in a number of days our session continues under the leadership of a new Head of Department Dr. M.S. Nijjar who is an amazing personality. This change is considered as we shifted our journey from a passenger train to the speed of Bullet train. A great boost come in the activities of the Department like the increase in the number of seminars, origin of the concept of village visits, adoption of village , increase in the participation of National Moot Court Competitions, legal awareness camps and registration of many students as Para Legal Volunteers. I participate in all those activities and learn a lot from them as well as enjoy the same.

Now apart from other activities, if we talk about theory then it seems to me that in beginning the subjects are considered as introductory ones like the Introduction to the Constitution of India, Indian Contract Act, jurisprudence, Hindu law etc. Then in further semesters, it seems that what is called professional knowledge when we going to learn about Indian Penal Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Code of Criminal Procedure, Human Rights, Evidence Act, Transfer of property, Corporative and other specialized laws.

For me the journey of the Law School is totally different from my previous institutions, the former deals with the practical knowledge that is essential for proper understanding of the profession and to provide the proper interpretation. The later deals with the basic structure of society and moral values. In my sense some of the law subjects are need to be added in the syllabus of school going students, so that the citizens will become more aware.

In short, I can say that my law school journey at Department of Law, Punjabi University, Patiala is totally amazing. It helps me to develop me in each and every aspect of life whether it is related to law or not. It also becomes a step of ladder for me to achieve my goal to enter in this profession as a law officer.

Now in the last semester it is time to learn the professional ethics and other related things like the proper interpretation. Because, only law does not help a person to get the justice unless and until it is not interpreted properly.

In end I want to say that may this Law Profession helps me and every Law student to develop his own in his life.

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