All At Jukti… Divyangana Trivedi (Student) Distinguished Jurist Membership At ICJ, London.

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All At Jukti…

Divyangana Trivedi


Distinguished Jurist Membership At ICJ, London.

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Since years we have had a lot of traditions, a lot of customs , a lot of cultural activities but ,I wish not at the cost of some innocent’s life.

Jukti is a bull, he is a bull at the state of Tamil Nadu. He is calm but very soon he gets agitated for he knows after a couple of minutes, people will play the game of his life .
Yes! by all ALLATJUKTI, I meant Jallikattu the traditional game of Tamil Nadu state.
Is it a social evil?Or is it a customary right to the people of TN?
This is presently the most widely debated topic, so I leave the decision to you.
Jallikattu has been praticed by the Mullai region people for the past 2500 years and it is their sport. The word Jallikattu comes from the Tamil words such as salli and kattu meaning silver and gold.
To blend a little more knowledge this sport is even known as era thahzuvuthal and manju virattu. We all are aware that the main aim of performing Jallikattu is to enslave the bull, which was the reason for the Jallikattu regulation act being passed in 2009. I would like to add that, there are three variants to this activity such as vati virattu,veli virattu and vatam manju virattu.
Before, it was done with the intent to perform customs but later it turned out to be a bravery and earning area and that is why some animal welfare organizations such as PETA began protesting against it since 2004 with Supreme Court banning it in 2014.
This sport too has its own charm just like the bull fight in Spain but I would argue that charm is good till the time it hurts none other.
So I hope I was able to satisfy my readers that all must not be at Jukti.
“Let Jukti live and breathe in the air of independence for they are in the country of Independence “INDIA”



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