Interview with Saurabh Siddhartha, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, ICFAI University,Dehradun

BY Shreya Rajan, ICFAI University


LawOF: Sir, as being a law teacher, how would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Saurabh Siddhartha: After my two years of learning experience here as Assistant Professor, I am still connected as a student and I promote orientation to research in them. I feel, law is better experienced through comparative analysis and case studies. I teach IPR subjects (Law of Patents, Copyright,IP-Valuation &Management,IP& Technology, Traditional Knowledge etc.). For, that I collect data from various electronic resources and conduct workshops, seminars etc. Hailing my legal background from HNLU and NAAC Accredited SOA University, Bhubaneswar, my emphasis lies on skill improvisation of students.

LawOF: What inspired you to join law, were you able to satisfy yourself inspiration.

Saurabh Siddhartha: My parents inspired me to study law. At first, I was not sure whether it is my cup of tea or not. As time passed, I practiced in courts but being son of a teacher,I had teaching instincts as my inner calling. I am very satisfied with the teaching work, it is a constant challenge to upgrade and update.

LawOF:  How was your law school journey?

Saurabh Siddhartha: Second & third years were somehow frustrating because you get to study subjects you really don’t find interest in, but on the other hand you also get interesting subjects where you score to your satisfaction. Hence, it had been a mixed experience, but I learnt how to study what to study. That made me serious about choosing the desired honours and to work for it.

LawOF: What are the opportunities that are open today to Law Teachers? How does one grow in this noble profession?

Saurabh Siddhartha: I would suggest educational institutions to be more flexible and allowing their teachers to indulge in teaching work outside their campus too, let’s say if a teacher is specialized in a particular stream, he should be able to teach that within city limits easily and more frequent faculty exchange programs. It will improvise the skills more. Growth is a steady process where one has to constantly upgrade oneself by immersion. There is one Global Immersion program for that, also participation to Faculty Development Programs should be encouraged. Ego kills a teacher, that he is a teacher, he should always remain a student.

LawOF: What’s the best thing about your job?

Saurabh Siddhartha: Best thing is, I don’t take teaching as a profession but service to my passion. This is a gratitude only I feel to myself that I am able to meet various students and the constant challenge and gratification is always unmatched.

LawOF: Sir, according to you what is the importance of Mooting,Publication and Internships in a law student life?

Saurabh Siddhartha:  I am myself Moot Court Coordinator for the Faculty of Law, The ICFAI University. I train students for mooting two hours daily. The mooting is not at all a dramatic experience, but a real world enthusiastic exposure where one learns to inculcate art of advocacy and etiquette as an attribute. The researcher learns legal research process and hence it becomes a great teamwork. Publication should be very selective and in reputed journals only. One should avoid quantity and stress more on quality publications. Proper citation methods and research method should be learnt properly. Internships should be specialized gradually in one particular stream of interest as far as possible. Internship if not done sincerely in a top tier law firm fruits nothing to CV and a dedicated internship in low tier law firm can add great value to CV. So, reputation of a law firm hardly matters, only ground work and learning does.

LawOF: Did you face problems in taking up law teaching as a profession and how did you cope up with all this?

Saurabh Siddhartha: In my case, I was very sure that I will get a chance to teach. So, I shortlisted institutions and a city. I applied there and cleared interviews. It was like whole universe was conspiring to bring me what I like.

LawOF: What is the one thing that keeps you going?

Saurabh Siddhartha:That zeal, I should not get rust, I am still a student, I have to impart in better way. I must resist temptation to make followers, I should help creating leaders. I must resist temptation to have ego, that I am a teacher. Those who think, they know everything in their subject, they rot.Everyone is capable and rightful to know what I know and even better. The prayer and self affirmation keeps me going.

LawOF: Law profession demands a lot of attention and determination and also sleepless nights, what are those thoughts, the ideas which you had in the initial days of your struggle which never let you sleep?

Saurabh Siddhartha: First of all, this is not a profession for me. There are some ideas like, unification and certain changes in education system on which I am currently working on, but I sleep properly.

LawOF: The best experience and a success habit you would like to share as a student for our readers that would encourage them.

Saurabh Siddhartha: Don’t be a blind follower, never idealize someone or something. Look in yourself. If there is something wrong going on,disobey. Learn to question. The more rational and inquisitive you are, the more aware you are, the more aware you are, you shape your future, not giving it in other’s hands.

LawOF: What would you suggest for the students who are new to the law profession and those who are graduating?

Saurabh Siddhartha: As a law student and as a lawyer, one should learn to take two sides,applying legal reasons.

LawOF: How do you measure the success of any person in their career?

Saurabh Siddhartha:How many failures he had, for which he made genuine attempts ?

LawOF: What according to you should be the prime concern for law students?

Saurabh Siddhartha: General Knowledge, awareness to burning issues and trying to solve legal problems of society.

LawOF: What would be your message to the Law students to encourage them and to grow them in their personal as well as professional lives?

Saurabh Siddhartha: Personal and professional lives should be well separated and demarcated. Learn, Love and Work. Strike a proper balance by selecting your priorities.

LawOF: Please share the golden rules of your life which brought you here so that the students can gain from the useful insight and can be inspired by you.

Saurabh Siddhartha: Know what metal you are made of. A fish cannot fly and an eagle cannot live in water. Don’t go for scope, go along with your interest. You will create your scope sooner or later.

LawOF: In this long career when did you consider yourself a success?

Saurabh Siddhartha: Never. Success is a pond that stales a person. It is very abstract. One has to continue his journey till last breath.

LawOF: What’s the best way for a student to get to know you?

Saurabh Siddhartha: By my hobbies- Literature & Travel. I have authored an omnibus ‘Mirabile Solitude’. I am a frequent traveller who likes to get lost in untouched mountains.

LawOF: Any suggestions or comments for the students?

Saurabh Siddhartha: Don’t read stories of success, read yourself, act on your prudence.

LawOF: Sir,your views on LawOF and token of Love and message to our readers?

Saurabh Siddhartha: It is appreciated that, LawOF invites various views and stories which enrich the knowledge and wisdom of its readers. My message is- ASK-Attitude, Skill & Knowledge.

LawOF: Any Quotation from your experience

Saurabh Siddhartha:  Transition with optimism leads to wisdom

Thanks for taking the time to share your unique journey with us, and best of luck to you!

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