Interview with

Haresh A. Raichura,

Legal Consultant and Supreme Court Advocate

By Mr. Suyogya Awasthy, CFO @ LawOF

PERSONAL DETAILS:                                                       

  • Name: Haresh A. Raichura
  • Designation: Owner at Raichura Associates Supreme Court Avocates, New Delhi

  1. Suyogya Awasthy from LawOF: Sir, as being someone who has professionally a lawyer, how would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Haresh A. Raichura: Good Evening, myself Harish A. Raichura, I started my career from Junagarh District Court, moved to Gujarat High Court and finally at Supreme Court. Became A.O.R in 1992 and now owner of Raichura Associates, Supreme Court Advocates.

  1. Suyogya Awasthy from LawOF: What inspired you to join law, were you able to satisfy your self-inspiration.
  • Haresh A. Raichura: Before starting my practice as a lawyer, I joined coaching for civil service and by the time I realized that as a lawyer you are your own boss and no one can have control over you which triggered my penchant to work as an independent advocate instead of the service. The self-inspiration quotient came when I took over a stay from High Court in land settlement dispute for my friend who was then preparing with me during IAS coaching center, as of then posted as Collector, Junagarh.
  1. Suyogya Awasthy from LawOF: How was your law school journey?
  • Haresh A. Raichura: In our time law school life was non-existent, but was a plethora of old traditional college like in small towns not as advanced as today.
  1. Suyogya Awasthy from LawOF:  What would you suggest for the students who are new to the profession and those who are graduating?
  • Haresh A. Raichura: I would suggest them to start their career from the scratch by starting their practice from District Court at least for one year and then proceed to High Court and at last step towards Supreme Court, for being well versed with the roots would be the Sine Qua Non. In Supreme Courts there are few who taste success whereas others struggle. For those who want to join law firms would ensure money but not professional autonomy.
  1. Suyogya Awasthy from LawOF:  How do you measure the success of any person in their career?
  • Haresh A. Raichura: It should be made completely dependent over the very fact that what is their level of efficiency and this readily connotes timely disposal of the matter by ensuring justice to the client as the same would complement the professional growth.
  1. Suyogya Awasthy from LawOF:  Please share the golden rules of your life, which brought you here so that the students can gain from the useful insight and can get inspired by you.
  • Haresh A. Raichura: The golden rule would be being patient and consistent throughout and learn the discipline of the profession for caprice would hamper one’s self esteem and a sincere dedication and experience would readily entail professional growth.
  1. Suyogya Awasthy from LawOF:  Any suggestions or comments for the students?
  • Haresh A. Raichura: I would suggest getting keen insight of the nuances of the practical side of the law, for mere mugging up provisions and not arguing it properly would mean failure

8. Suyogya Awasthy from LawOF:  Your views on LawOF and message to our readers?

  • Haresh A. Raichura: I would say a greater deal of reciprocity of respect is needed towards this profession because the same is widely established one and sans proper implementation of the same, a nation would not live in a dignified manner.

In the end, I would really like to Thank Mr. Suyogya Awasthy whom I found a really nice person who despite being engaged in such a busy profession took out his precious time and added a fair share of brevity to the whole understanding of the nuances of this profession and for making a concerted attempt to spread awareness among the posterity who shall be joining this revered profession.

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