Internship Experience @ Milaan Be The Change, Lucknow(Non-Profit Organization)

“No work is small or big, what matters is the ability of doing .” Jyotirmoy Banerjee


Name of the Student:

Jyotirmoy Banerjee

Year of Study:

1st Year BALLB

College Name:

Seedling School Of Law and Governance, Jaipur National University

Organization Name, City:

Milaan Be The Change, Lucknow. (non-profit organization)

Organization Website(If Available):

Organization Contact Details((If Available):


About Organization:

Milaan is a youth-based team, came together to promote access to education in remote rural parts of India. Focusing for the Support of the Girl Icon Fellowship Program, drawn for educating a girl as educating a girl means educating a family. Through this we work in different districts and select those girls who had done something for their society after facing many barriers in their life and are acted as an Ideal in their own community. By this program we are socially and financially making them strong to learn something for their interpersonal skills and be the support for the other girls who are unable to gain education.

Duration of the Internship:

1st June to 30th June


9am to 5pm

Main Task Work Profile:

Documentation and Reporting for the Girl Icon Fellowship Program and the Teacher’s Training Program for the teacher’s of SwarachnaSchool. In this I covered, Taking of notes, Conducting Interviews of the Girl Icons, Photography and videos during the session and special videos for the Girl Icons for the US Foundation of Milaan. I worked on the Logistic and Translation of the Girl Icon Workbook and the Facilitators Notebook. I prepared the final report of the Training and the Girl Icon Fellowship Program.

Work Environment at office:

I got a lovely and wonderful working environment, it was fully air conditioned with all the facilities and full WI-FI for the intern and working staff.


I got a stipend of Rs 2000/- for my 1 month of Internship.

First day at Organization:  

My first day of internship was quite interesting as after commencing there I was firstly introduced by each and every person in the office and by the staff and then I was given my work and there was full support through which I was also able to accomplish my work.

Best Part of Internship:

The best part of the Internship program was to be the main and crucial part of the Girl Icon Fellowship Training Program, when I was asked to take the Interviews of the Girl Icons, it showed me that what all difficulties a girl can face in her day to day life, it was really pathetic to know the story of their life but still they haven’t lost their hope and work for their better future and better environment in their community.

Biggest Lesson:

The biggest lesson which I learned from this Internship Program is that no work is small or big, what matters is the ability of doing that work according to your simplest way to make it fulfill in no time.

Anything else you’d like to tell:

I being a part of Milaan, am feeling very happy that I was able to serve in many works and believes to be a part of it in future too, which could give me another chance to be with the Girl Icons and know their stories of their life, many people would be thinking that what is the use of knowing their stories? But the biggest answer for them is that their stories gives inspiration and strength, that after facing many challenges and barriers in their life, they don’t even think to stop working for a sec too. This quality of strength should be adopted by every student in the society, that until unless they are achieving their goals they should work for it.

Any Message to other Law Students:

I would like to suggest my friends who are living nearby Lucknow, must Intern at ‘MilaanBe The Change’, as it would really give you something so crucial that you would take it for your better future.

From LawOF:

Dear Jyotirmoy Banerjee

Best of Luck for the Future.




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