Internship Opportunity:Work From [email protected] Libertatem Magazine| Apply by Nov 30

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 Internship Opportunity:Work From [email protected] Libertatem Magazine| Apply by Nov 30


At Libertatem Magazine, we respect everyone’s right to speak. In today’s world, we think that if you do not know your rights, you are prone to exploitation. Hence, we strive towards creating awareness among the people about not just their rights, but duties as well. We also aspire to keep people informed of the latest happenings in the Courtroom which they would otherwise be unaware of.

Libertatem Magazine helps in the formulation of opinions and prepares an individual for a journey through our in-depth scrutinized content on a wide range of topics including political, legal and social, besides the matters of national & international significance.

We are one of India’s rapidly growing English Monthly, with the magazine circulation of over 1 lakh across the nation and an online readership of over 1 million monthly.


Event Management Team

  1. Moot Court Managers
  2. Essay Competitions Managers
  3. Conferences/Seminars Managers
  4. Client Counselling Managers
  5. Parliamentary Debates Managers
  6. MUNs Managers
  7. Debate Competitions Managers
  1. Marketing Team
    1. Social Media Marketing Team
    2. Campus Ambassador
    3. Outreach Executive
  2. Courtroom team
    1. Case Reporter/Analyst – High Court Division
    2. Case Reporter/ Analyst – Supreme Court Division
    3. Case Reporter/ Analyst – Tribunals Division


 Work Profile of Event Managers

Event Managers are expected to host/ manage an entire event for Libertatem Magazine. Liberatem Magazine ventured into events organizing last year with its flagship Essay Writing Competition which saw a huge response. Following that, Libertatem Group is all set to venture into events management and for the said purpose, we expect the following from the candidate.

  1. Planning an Event
  2. Collaborating with Institute and Firms
  3. Managing the entire events team which will include Marketing Members, Editors, Designers, Campus Ambassadors etc.
  4. Co-ordinating with the Management from time to time.
  5. Communicating to the participants etc.

 There shall be separate Event Manager for Separate Category of events for an equal distribution of work.

 Work Profile of Case Reporter/ Analysts

Case Reporters shall be the core team member of the flagship Courtroom Team. The primary work profile of Case Reporter shall be to prepare case note/ case report/ case analysis for the latest judgements from High Court/ Supreme Courts/ Tribunals.

For better administration, the team would be divided into High Court Reporters, Supreme Court Reporters and Tribunals Reporters.

Case Reports should be around 500-800 words and each Case Reporter shall be expected to submit atleast 2 Cases a week.

 Work Profile of Social Media Managers

Social Media Managers will be divided into 2 teams for Facebook and LinkedIn Promotions. Primary work would involve circulation and promotion of our content on specific Law based Groups on Facebook.

 Work Profile of Outreach Executive

Outreach Executives shall be the one who would do the talking and negotiating part for us with the Institutions and Law Firms as well as other organizations. All Outreach Executives will be solely responsible for the collaborations and partnerships at Libertatem Magazine.

 Work Profile of Campus Ambassador

Notice Board Promotion – We will also be providing you with a few posters every month which would be sent to you via Postal Service. You would be required to get those posters affixed on the College Notice Board and send us a picture of the same for confirmation.

Email Promotion – Campus Ambassadors will also be required to promote our events/ notifications among their college students.

Liasoning for events – We intend to boost our partnership with Educational Institutions. We expect you to serve as a strategic link between your college and Libertatem Group. We would like to get started by partnering with Colleges to promote their events as Media Partners/ Magazine Partner/ Publication Partner. Campus Ambassadors will be required to facilitate discussions between the college authorities/ Event Managers and Libertatem Magazine regarding possible partnerships opportunities for each upcoming event at their college.

Campus Reporting – We expect Campus Ambassadors to report to us about any new happenings in their college from time to time.

Interviewing – Conduct interviews of Dean, Director, Law Faculty, eminent Legal Luminaries visiting your college/university, the guests arriving at your campus, etc. for the purpose of publication on our website.


  1. We welcome anyone who is crazy enough to spread his message across the citizens of this country.
  2. Anyone who is interested and has the enthusiasm to spread legal awareness among the common people of the nation;
  3. Anyone who feels the media should report stories in an unbiased manner and should not go for paid contents;
  4. Anyone who wishes to be the face of change in the world of media and communications.


This talent acquisition programme is an invitation to join Libertatem Magazine on a Volunteer Basis. No Remuneration is to be paid for the work; however, exciting perks and certificates will be provided upon successful tenure.


Only Law Students can apply for any position he/she desires. They may be from any stream, any year of study and any law college.


We expect the members to:

  1. Understand and respect the deadlines given to them.
  2. Be Proactive and have active involvement in college events.
  3. Be willing to work for 4-5 hours a week.
  4. Be Associated with us for at least6-12 months.
  5. Be true and honest in all the dealings.


  1. This position is tenured, part-time and unpaid.
  2. Internship Certificate & Certificate of Appreciation
  3. Recognition on our Website’s Team Page.
  4. Free publication opportunity every month in our journals for all active members. Visit for journal details.
  5. Free access to every event organized by Libertatem Media Group or The Law Brigade Publishers.
  6. Preference in Internship in Law Firms & other organizations (only if slots are available)
  7. Opportunity to interact and network with new people from Law School and University around the country and work with some of the best legal minds in India.
  8. Work on exciting, meaningful and innovative projects and will learn skills which will complement your academic qualification.


Applications are accepted on rolling basis. After review of applications and CV by our team, the selected applicants will be selected and a confirmation email will be sent along with a joining letter.


Fill up the Application Form click here.

If the form does not load properly, you may alternatively apply click here.


Application Deadline is November 30, 2019

Contact Info

Libertatem Selection Committee can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected] Please feel free to get in touch with us via email for any clarification.

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