Internship Opportunity @ Adcount Technologies Private Limited (Adurcup), Noida: Applications Open


Adcount Technologies Private Limited (Adurcup) is an end to end procurement management solution which reduces the cost of the supply chain by implementing best practices using data analytics.

Adurcup provides the following solution:

Digitization of supply chain: Adurcup offers its PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE (PMS) which digitally captures data along with multiple processes in the supply chain.

This data is further analyzed using Adurcup algorithms and steps are suggested to implement automation in the supply chain. The overall implementation of PMS reduces the effort of ordering, increases transparency and provides data structuring enabling integration with other technology systems in the organisation.

Optimization of the supply chain: Digitized infrastructure allows Adurcup to implement necessary changes in the current warehousing, transportation and SKU handling processes to reduce cost and turnaround time for orders after cost-benefit analysis in current and future scenarios.

Optimal product sourcing: In the data-driven procurement environment the current price points for purchase are compared with market prices basis which Adurcup indicates best vendors to buy from, reducing sourcing cost at the best purchase terms in minimum turnaround time.

Work of Internship
  1. Documents vetting, drafting and registration.
  2. Framing policies for the website.
  3. HR and labour law compliances.
  4. In-house drafting and research on various compliances for the HoReCa sector.

Law interns presently studying in  3rd yeard, 4th year or 5th year of Law School can apply for the internship.


The internship will be at Noida, Uttar Pradesh office.


The intern will get a stipend of varying from 3 thousand to 5 thousand per month.

Duration of Internship

The internship will be from a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 3 months.

How to apply?

Interested candidates can send their CVs at abhishek[at] Mention the subject line as Law Internship at Adurcup”.


Kindly contact Ms. Prachi Darji on her mobile number, here: 7984830374

The website link is here.
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