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Internship: Our Legal World Campus Ambassador Program (August 2019 – April 2020)

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Internship: Our Legal World Campus Ambassador Program (August 2019 – April 2020) :

Applications Open

About Our Legal World 

Over the last 2 year, OurLegalWorld has been synonymous with legal fraternity. With  over 60-70k page-views a month, we are the largest platform (online or offline) for law students, lawyers, and others legal fraternity. Over the course of a year, we have grown as a community with your constant support and appreciation. Our Legal World is a platform exclusively made for its members and followers and you all are our most cherished and precious part of this journey.  We started a year ago, with only one members and now we have successfully gained 5k followers. We also done successfully 1st NATIONAL ARTICLE WRITING COMPETITION 2019. 

Who can be a campus ambassador? What are the qualifications?

1. You should be a law student (LL.B, LLM) in any law college (recognized, unrecognized) in India. It just has to be a law college , whether govt. Or private, whether north or south, anywhere.

2. You should be a proactive person willing to work hard and take initiative. This is a serious commitment.

3. You must have regular access to internet both in college and at your home.

What are your responsibilities?

1. Tell us about newsworthy events and opportunities conducted/held in your college and upload them on the dashboard.

2. Interview the star students and faculty in your college, and lawyers in and around your area.

3. Encourage students in your college (regularly) to contribute internship experiences, law school reviews, and blogs.

4. Help us promote and market our advertisers and our products/services in your college.

5. Write for us! Get a chance to be published on Our Legal World.

6. Help us connect to various people in your college.

7. Generally, promote the Our Legal World brand on social media and beyond!
From now, a Campus ambassador!

What’s in it for you?

2. Get discounts for some of the awesome courses and workshops we advertise/publish on Our Legal World.

3. Get free media passes for conferences and seminars. Meet the dignitaries as a Our Legal World representative and build contacts.

4. Connect with fellow college ambassadors  throughout India! (All of us will be connected via a WhatsApp/Slack group).

5. Get a certificate on successful completion of your tenure.

6. Develop your communication skills!

7. Develop your leadership skills!

8. Contribute towards making your community (law students) stronger!

(Campus ambassadors become the go-to people in their colleges. Our tasks like interviewing star faculty members and students encourage you to go out of your comfort zone, talk and follow-up with people. These things build your communication and leadership skills).
We make your richer in every way possible!

To apply, Click here 

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