INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE By Abhijeet Khemundu, Gujarat National Law Universitu, II Year BBA LLB

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INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE By Abhijeet Khemundu, Gujarat National Law Universitu, II Year BBA LLB

Internship Details-

Name of Organisation– Nirbhed Foundation (NGO)

Location– It is an NGO, based in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh NCR.

Team Strength-It consists of 40-50 people fully devoted towards their duties.

What do they do?

It is an all India jurisdiction Non-Government Organisation, under societies registration act 1860 Delhi with a single AIM to work for the upliftment of nation. It’s main focus is on upliftment of society by providing education, medical facilities, clothing facility, providing food, providing employment, skill development training for self-employment etc. The mission is to provide basic education to all children, help school dropouts to attend school and to provide school education at their study centres in evening so that they can easily get degrees from home. They also run free coaching cum counselling centre for all economically weak families so that their child could get proper education.

Application Process-

They are very keen to take Interns as they need people to contribute more and more towards the society. One can easily apply by visiting their Website i.e.

Fill up the Contact form and they will contact you within a few days.

Duration of Internship and Timings-

I did my internship in my first year in November 2016, from 7th November to 7th December to be specific.

The timings were pretty relaxing i.e. 11 am to 5 pm and you do not need to work anymore, just put in all your efforts in these 6 hours. You can leave early and that is not a problem at all.

First Impression, First Day Formalities, Infrastructure-

I reached the office by 9:30 a.m. and Sir was working there. I intimated him about my internship and he welcomed me with a smiling face. I was then acquainted with what is Nirbhed Foundation exactly and what is the purpose of the same. I was extremely delighted as I understood that I would have to work a lot towards betterment of the society in these few days.

The office was small but there was enough space for 8-10 people to have their seat. All in all, the first day went really fine.

Main Tasks

My main task for the first month involved teaching Poor students in Classes 9th and 10th. That was not all I even took classes for students who wanted to become Lawyers and thus I taught them for CLAT and acquainted them with the basics of the Constitution so that they become a responsible citizen.

I even had to design a question paper for them weekly so as to know how much they have learnt and what all they have gathered from the whole week’s studies. I extremely enjoyed this part personally.

I could see a lot of hope in the eyes of those students and thus I would like to urge everyone to assist these elements of the society to the fullest so that they can realize their dreams.

Good Things-

The best thing was that there was no guidance as to what you should teach or how you should do it. It was left open to me to guide the students in the best way possible, in such a way that they can relate to what I wanted to make them understand. You will learn the intricacies of a teacher’s job here and that is the most important aspect I would say.

Bad things

There were no bad things as such to be found.


No stipend. But the happiness and smiles on the faces of the children were more than a worth million rupees for me.


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