Two Day International Seminar


Constitutional Transformation [05 -06 March, 2020]

@ Cochin University, Kerala:

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Cochin University of Science and Technology is a government-owned autonomous science and technology university in Kochi, Kerala, India. Founded in 1971, it has three campuses: two in Kochi and one in Kuttanad, Alappuzha, 66 km inland


“History could not be any clearer: Rights given by fad and fashion are just as easily taken away. The Constitution matters”― A .E. Samaan

Constitutions guide nations from their past through their present to the future. This, in fact, is the spirit of constitutional transformation. Constitutional transformation urges people to change by comprehending the historical, social, and cultural transformations of the nation. Constitutional transformation is both a concept and a phenomenon. Broadly, it is understood as the conceptual shift in the way constitutions are perceived and applied.

  • When at 70, only Constitutions, tortoises, and whales are dubbed “young.” Although similarly young, the Constitution of India has undergone incredible changes over its seven decades of existence. Starting with 395 Articles and 8 Schedules, the Constitution now stands colossal with over 450 Articles and 12 Schedules thanks to the 104 amendments.
  • These amendments have changed the fabric of the nation for the good by re-imagining fundamental rights, federalism, democratic participation, and judicial review. Each transformative moment is a revolution in legislative process. Each transformation has the nation advancing towards the highest peaks of democracy.
  • It is motivated by this supremeness of the Constitution of India that the School of Legal Studies in association with Jindal Global Law School, O.P. Jindal Global University is organizing this international seminar to revisit the constitutional transformations that have India coming-to-consciousness.


Research papers are invited from the academicians, researchers, practitioners, social workers and students on the broad themes given below.


 The themes for discussion are classified based on constitutional transformation from 1950 till 2020. The themes provided below are not exhaustive and participants are free to choose relevant topics under themes which fall within the broader scope of this framework.

  • Sub Themes:
  1. Historical Moments in the Evolution of the Constitution of India
  2. Shifting Imaginations of Justice under the Constitution
  3. Indian Judiciary and Transformative Justice
  4. Public Rights and Transformative Constitutionalism


For students and research scholars: Rs. 1000

For all others: Rs. 1500


  •  Last Date of Sending Full Paper & Abstract: February 23rd, 2020
  •  Intimation regarding Selection of Paper: February 24th, 2020
  •  Seminar Dates: 05th & 06th March, 2020

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