Importance Of Publication And How To Do It: For Law Students

“Knowledge comes from learning, Wisdom comes from living”. One can readily attach a great deal of poignancy with the statement as presented above especially with regards to the subject matter of “Importance of Publications for law students”

As we progress, the whole context tends to surround a new entrant to the law school, and initially, the very idea of having a research paper publication may seem daunting and primarily. The reason as being as to the time it shall consume and most importantly the way it shall materialize and predominantly regarding their competency, these fears are quite a natural thing to have initially. However if one takes into consideration certain factors into consideration all these ambiguities can be eliminated right off the bat, One must keep in the mind the fundamental principle of “Argumentum ad hominem” as it connotes the interplay of Law and logic.


The most important factor that is ought to be considered is that regarding the source from which one would gather the required content, and primarily reliance must be placed upon the Primary sources that being inclusive of Books and as one progresses reliance is to be placed upon various e-journals that being-Hein online, Digital commons, etc. Now one may find it extremely tough working on these sources, but they tend to act as Icing on the cake when it comes to the quality of the research work and readily complements the originality quotient as one may call it as “Plagiarism”.

Another factor which one ought to consider is that of the subject matter and for ascertaining the same one must consider the vein in which he/she wants to take the research work as that might be for mere Academic discussion, Critical analysis or commentary. However, no discrepancy arises if the individual chooses either of them as they all being complementary to each other

Another most important factor that is to be considered is the originality quotient of the work, for it complements the authenticity of the work, one must not delve into ill techniques of mere paraphrasing the whole work for the same readily sullies the purity of the originality of the work, instead emphasis to be placed upon one’s own ability to grasp the text and to present his/her version of the same as the same would add to the understanding of the individual


Now yet another facet of the whole aspect of publication is that of the reward quotient which is available for an individual that is in the form of ISSN/ISBN number as the same stands for International Standard Serial number/ International Standard Book Number and both of them refer to a unique mark that is attached to ones work which has gone through the relevant procedures, and adds to ones CV in an ultimate sense for him/her

Now as we progress there has also been an emergence of the growing trend of Online publications and the same has added to the benefit of the individuals who are willing enough to go for them, as compared to the earlier days where the whole procedure was tedious and involved payment of postal charges and still there was lack of conformity, however as per the contemporary arrangement, it all ends at a click and one readily gets an opportunity to do the required modifications and submit the same

It is a known fact that the aspect of publications of an individual tend to be reflective upon the CV of his/her as a research work is carved from the mould via process of double-blind peer review and involve a plethora of examinations and review processes, thus being reflective of one’s authenticity and also supplements the expertise of an individual over the respective facet of the law as he/she may desire and the same is of much interest to the employing agencies as they may be including-Law firms etc.

Lastly it is an undeniable fact that Publications are a Sine Qua Non for a perfect CV, however one must not be deterred from mere rejection as there always stays a great deal of scope for improvement and most importantly what matters is addition to ones knowledge over that particular discipline as hard work is readily supplemented by recurrent attempts to better oneself, but similarly a better self is supplanted when one gives up the urge of adding to oneself.


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