Fellowship :Professional Fellows Program for Governance and Society Funded by the U.S. Department of State: Apply by Nov 8

About the Program

The Professional Fellows Program (PFP) is designed to promote mutual understanding and establish networks among mid-level professionals in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and the United States, while also promoting an increased knowledge of the legislative process and principles of good governance.

Through the program participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of the U.S. legislative and political process
  • Explore governance principles and practices in both public and civil society institutions in the U.S.
  • Enhance their appreciation for the role of civil society in the political process
  • Gain a deeper understanding of U.S. society, culture, and people
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the societies, cultures, and people of each other’s countries
  • Develop and implement projects in their home country that promote good governance, strengthen civil society, and/or support democratic institutions
  • Create and maintain linkages and networks between Americans and other Professional Fellows
  • Increase cooperation between the government and civil society of India, Pakistan, and Nepal

To promote program sustainability and create a multiplier effect, participants will create and implement follow-on projects in their home communities. Actions plans for the follow-on projects will be developed throughout the course of the U.S. program.


Candidates from India, Pakistan, and Nepal will be professionals (ages 25-40) with experience in the legislative process and/or policymaking, including: good governance (transparency, anti-corruption, right-to-information), legislative and political processes, including the role of women, minorities, and marginalized populations in them, youth politics and student leaders, climate change and environment, and trade and regional connectivity. Such experience can have been attained through their work in government, civic education organizations, citizen advocacy groups, political campaigns, political parties, or election monitoring organizations.

We seek candidates with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, proven leadership abilities, the ability to work in a cross-cultural setting and a commitment to the program and follow-on activities. Those selected will come from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, organizations, and political orientations. We also aim for gender balance. Written and oral English proficiency is required as the participants will need to converse about complex political and global issues with U.S. peers and experts. To select the best candidates, we will review applications based on clearly defined criteria, including:

  • Openness to dialogue and new ideas;
  • Strong potential to play an increasingly important role in society;
  • Proven commitment to nonviolence;
  • Interest in participating in the program and sharing the experience with colleagues and the public; and
  • Commitment to the implementation of a follow-on project.

Preference will be given to applicants with relevant professional achievements who have not previously visited the United States. All candidates should be able and willing to host American counterparts, for up to a week, and design, arrange, and coordinate, under World Learning and its partners’ supervision, a local professional and cultural program for the American participants.

How to Apply

  • Interested candidates can apply for the program through this link.

  • The application must be completed in English.
  • The deadline for submitting the application is November 08, 2019.

For more details, click here.

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