Favorite Law Subjects, By Bahar Ramazanova,LL.M Candidate, Istanbul University (Online Intern @LawOF)


During my undergraduate studies period, I had a keen interest in technology-related subjects. These were the law of environment, the law of forensic science and business law.

Environmental law was one of the subjects I pursued during my bachelor studies in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The core elements of the course involved studies in both national and international law as concerns the planet’s natural resources. Not only the subject, but also the professor who taught us this topic was my favourite professor at the Academy. The topic of my bachelor’s thesis, namely “insurance commitment: modern conditions and problems,” also concentrates on environmental commodities. Furthermore, from subrogation law-related practice, I acquired the basic skills of dealing with asbestos and toxic tort claims, which stem from environmental hazards.

I read many articles and books about forensic investigation. The longest book I have ever read for examination concerning the aforementioned was 375 pages in English. I discussed the divergence of topics related to this with my fellow student and my professors. However, this was the only subject in my 4-year bachelor pursuit where I got a B mark. As this made me very upset, I filed an application against this decision, but it was unsuccessful.

The passion for Business law comes from my childhood businesswoman game which I created myself. Although the subject was not taught for the long term, I liked it because it was everywhere almost the same. Furthermore, I was able to find any topic concerning business articles in a variety of languages. I adored translating multilingual resources into my own language and creating very exotic essays. I also used them for exam preparation enabling me to get 100 out of 100.

Through my studies toward a master’s degree, I preferred Internet law to other subjects. The most extraordinary part of this subject was the online gaming, a rare study in the Republic of Turkey. I connected with some professors abroad in order to write a 20-page semester assignment.

And finally space law – a final frontier. I occasionally got introduced to this subject when I was in a research lab at the engineering school while selecting some books. I just saw a cover picture of a satellite (but this was probably a picture of the International Space Station) on a book and it was alluring. Later, I opened it and after 15 minutes, I knew this would be my future. I won a scholarship to conduct research on space transportation agreements at Dresden Technical University and later on, I won another honor award from the Canadian Space Society for my space law-related presentation at the 15th Annual Space Summit in 2016. Most recently, I was privileged to present my own Space Courts project at the 68th International Astronautical Congress in Australia.

Favorite things? There is no end.

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