About the course:

In recent years, the use of computers and internet has risen and now, computers are an integral and indispensable part of any professional, commercial and industrial activity. The development of information technology continues to give rise to novel and complex legal problems related to the use of internet and computers. Cyber Law is the law regulating the cyberspace and it is still in a nascent stage and continuously evolving every passing day. Even the most learned legal luminaries find it difficult to solve the legal problems posed by technology.

The Online Certificate Course offered by CYBERTALKINDIA – NETIZENS CHOICE, intends to spread awareness among the general public about the cyber law and it is specifically beneficial to the lawyer community who face cases on a daily basis. The scope and ambit of the course are very vast and covers every aspect of the Cyber Law related issues, which involves the use of a computer or internet. This program highlights Cyber Laws in the areas of Electronic Commerce, Electronic Contracts, Need for Cyber Law in India, National Policy on Information Technology 2012, Important terms related to Cyber Law, History of the Internet and World Wide Web, (and many more topics mentioned below in the syllabus)

Who can pursue?

Anyone who has access to a computer and the Internet can enroll for the Certification Course.

Duration of Course: 2 Months (03rd August 2018 – 30th September 2018)

Date of Commencement: 03rd August 2018

Exam dates: 28th September – 30th September 2018. (You can choose any date as per your convenience)

About the exam: The exam will consist of 20 questions, 5 marks each. For passing, you need to secure a minimum of 40%. No negative marking.

About the Assignment: You need to submit one assignment in between 30th August 2018 – 01 September 2018 on the themes selected by the boards and it will be mailed to you. Where the selected Assignments will be published by us in a book bearing an International Standard Book Number for free of cost. (You will be charged only for Paperback edition of the Book)

E-Certificates will be dispatched in the first week of October.

Note: We are giving you a book to study all the syllabus with that book only, which will be sent to you at your house and you can study them at your own pace.

Syllabus : 

  • History of the Internet & World Wide Web
  • Cyber-crime on the rise
  • Important terms related to cyber law
  • Need for cyber law in India
  • National policy on information technology 2012
  • Electronic Commerce
  • E-Commerce in India
  • Electronic Contracts
  • Cyber Crimes/Cyber Frauds
  • Definition of cyber-crime
  • First Cyber-crime
  • Types of cyber frauds
  • Cyber frauds in India
  • Preventive Measure
  • Cyber-crimes
  • Penalties & offenses under the I.T. Act,2000
  • Investigation of cyber-crimes in India
  • Regulatory authorities
  • Cloud Computing
  • Overview of rules issued under the I.T. Act,2000

Fees for the course: Rs.2600/-

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Flat Rs.400 Off to the people who have been associated with us through internships, competitions or courses. Send an e-mail to for the discount coupon.

  • Note: Payment is non-refundable.


The last date for Registration is 31st July 2018.

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