Call for Papers: NLU Jodhpur’s Journal of Intellectual Property Studies: Submit by Jan 20

The Board of Editors of the Journal of Intellectual Property Studies [JIPS], published under the aegis of National Law University, Jodhpur, is pleased to invite original, unpublished manuscripts for publication in the Summer 2018 Issue of the Journal (Volume 2, Issue 1) in the form of Articles, Notes, Comments and Book Reviews.

The manuscripts must pertain to the field of intellectual property law or to related fields such as media and technology law. The deadline for submission for manuscripts is 20th January, 2018.

The Journal has been established with the goal of disseminating high-quality literature on intellectual property and technology laws, and aims to play a constructive role in shaping discussions in the subject-area and encouraging debate on issues of vital importance.

We published our first Issue in April, 2017 (Volume 1, Issue 1) and will be releasing Issue 2 in December 2017.

Our first issue contained articles from stalwarts in Intellectual Property such as Professor Mark A. Lemley, Mr. Utsav Mukherjee, Dr. K.M. Waziri & Mrs. O.W. Awomolo, Dr. Alexandra George, Dr. Marcela Palacio Puerta, and a law review interview by Dr. Srividhya Ragavan.

We are expecting to publish articles from various authors including Prof. Irene Calboli, Mr. Aditya Gupta and Ms. Abhilasha Nautiyal, Mr. Eashan Ghosh and many more for our issue due in December 2017. We urge all prospective authors to keep a lookout for the upcoming issue to use as reference for the quality we expect to publish in our journal.

The Journal subjects all articles to a review process by our student editors prior to publication. The Journal also benefits from the guidance of its illustrious board of advisors who help the journal attain its objectives. The Journal stands by the ideals of open access to scholarly works, the Journal will be published online and made available for everyone to read and cite freely.

Manuscripts may be submitted via email to the Editors in Chief at [email protected].

For further details regarding JIPS, contribution guidelines, and our editorial policy, please visit our website.

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