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Submission on Rolling Basis

About Juscholars blog:

The Juscholars blog publishes original articles written by Law students, Lawyers, and other academicians.

Juscholars operates with a Free Access policy. Juscholars does not charge money for any blog publications and all articles on our site are free to be accessed. Juscholars is currently accepting submissions for their blog on a rolling basis.


Contributions should be within the scope of legal studies and allied interdisciplinary studies.

Guidelines for Contributions:

  • Submissions should ideally be between 800-1500 words in length.
  • Submissions must be made in .doc/.docx formats only.
  • Authors must include their full name, institution/organization and year of study in the body of the mail. The article will be published with the provided author details. However, authors may opt to be anonymous. 

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