Book Review On Silas Marner By George Eliot written by Tunisha Thakur,Lloyd Law College.

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(Student Third Year)

Tunisha Thakur,Lloyd Law College,Greater Noida



Silas Marner a small weaver and also a member of small culvinist congregation in Latern Yard (Northern England).He was falsely accused of stealing the congregations funds while watching over the ill deacon.Silas was caught in that web and his best friend william also blamed him for  that robbery in front of his fiance’e sarah. Than by this act sarah disappointed from silas and married his friend william from these unpredicted situations silas was astonished and decided to leave Latern Yard.

Silas travels sooth to the Midlands and settles near the rural village of Raveloe, where he used to live alone and adore his gold earned from weaving. Aftersometime he was serving linen shirts to the people of Raveloe by his weaving.

People don’t want to interact with him too much because they thought that silas was a ghost, he has some supernatural power but that wasn’t so, he had “catalepsy” by which his body becomes rigid he looks like that he had some power rather than a ghost. Later on the gold of silas was stolen by the Dunstan Cass but nobody was aware of that fact. Almost people of village with cass family gathered to console silas, but he was very depressed. After few days a party was arranged for new year at the house of Squire Cass. Molly Farren the wife of godfrey was opium addicted woman with one child named as Eppie and also use to blackmail Godfrey to reveal the facts about the wrongful marriage.

While Molly was moving  towards Godfrey’s house with Eppie, she fell down and died because of hangover of opium. Than Eppie moves few steps forward and reached in front of Silas cottage. He saw her crying and her hair was golden so he thought that he got his by she was Eppie. Than he came back to cootage with Eppie and he allows her to sleep.

Day by day his love, mercy was increases towards Eppie and when eppie grows up the Godfrey reached Silas to give his daughter back and Silas refuses and Eppie too, but  Godfrey wants that all expenses on Eppie will be bear by me for the same Silas allows after a long time when Eppie became an adult she decided to marry her neighbour.

Aaron Winthrop (son of Dolly Winthrop) and when all these thing happens Silas decided to see Lantern Yard once and gone to Lantern Yard but he was shocked that everything was changed by the passage of time.



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