Internship Experience @LawOF By Bahar Ramazanova,LL.M Candidate, Istanbul University (Online Intern @LawOF)


The first thing to point out here is that @LawOF recognizes and creates equal opportunities for students of all nations without discrimination which means that you can easily develop your legal writing and blogging skills through social media without relocating and facing visa issues. The international students should consider this opportunity.

This traineeship consisted of 4 phases which included weekly tasks from case commentaries to individual essays. The internship team required ask to introduce our law school participation experience, law subject choices and one case commentary which we have taught at university. The first week task gave us an opportunity to know our team of fourth batch interns very well and network with each other at the same time. To note, as this was an online internship, all of the tasks done on time and without breaking the intellectual property rights, were published on @LawOF’s website and shared on social medias. We were also asked to share our works on the different social media platforms we use frequently. This gave the interns a chance to be known by vast majority of people from many fields that could enhance our career opportunities in future.

We have been asked to write three different case commentaries and one independent topic from the law students eyes given by our Internship coordinator (Mr. Suyogya awasthy) next week. To be honest, the best part of the internship for me was the second week’s colorful topics. Especially, I managed to learn a famous Indian case concerning religious marriage (Triple Talaq) and got a lot of information from famous Indian legal resources. So if you are planning to study law in India and to know a structure of legal cases and commentaries, you should consider to take part in this practice.

Moving to the third task, we prepared a review about our law schools, created a legal portfolio of ourselves and professionals with who we interviewed and one independent topic for online publishing. I would say, this is a very informative and helpful task for high school students who want to study bachelors’ in law, so that they will learn different facts about legal education. They can answer to some questions in their minds relating to legal career through the interviews with legal practitioners.

The last week’s task aimed to help us to shape and plan our future  career paths. Here I want to conclude overall results during one-month internship @LawOF. Although I did not get a weekly recommendations and amendments by supervisor, this is a good way to practice your legal writing skills, share with many people and get reviews from public. This experience shows you the areas to research and develop by yourself. There was lack of communication, too. It would be better if we’ve been advised and corrected by the internship team in an intensive way.


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